We are pleased to announce the release of the SendQuick software patches with some important updates & features which include:

  • System and services improvement (CPU load optimization and database improvement)
  • Security improvement (Password management; Access improvement)
  • Messaging support (added Social Messenger integration options)
  • Improve Project task management
  • Security fixes and overall system improvements

Below is the list of latest patch version and the corresponding release notes for each product. 

SendQuick Products Latest version Release date Release Note
SendQuick Alert 20150401- 9HF1 12 January 2023 Download
SendQuick Alert Plus 20150606-10HF7 9 May 2023 Download
SendQuick Alerter 20150324-9HF1 30 January 2023 Download
SendQuick Avera 20230130-1HF2 7 July 2023 Download
SendQuick Avera (EOL 31 December 2023) 20150415-9HF1 28 April 2023 Download
SendQuick Conexa 100 20150930-11HF3 6 March 2023 Download
SendQuick Conexa 300 20221115-1HF7 17 July 2023 Download
SendQuick Conexa 300 (EOL 31 December 2023) 20150611- 11HF6 25 July 2023 Download
SendQuick Conexa VM 20200420- 3HF4 26 July 2023 Download
SendQuick Entera 20220809-3HF1 28 September 2023 Download
SendQuick Entera (EOL 31 December 2023) 20141225-11HF10 6 July 2023 Download
SendQuick Enterprise 20150105-9HF1 18 January 2023 Download
SendQuick VM 20170813-8HF2 6 Mar 2023 Download

If you like to patch your system to the latest version, please fill in the form with the required information for us to determine the correct patch instruction to send to you. Depending on your current system version, it may take us some time to get back to you as we need to test the patch accordingly.  

How to find your SendQuick version & serial number? See below: