Boost Remote Access Security with Check Point and SendQuick

Enhance Your Security with Check Point and SendQuick

SendQuick Conexa which offers multi-factor authentication, integrates well with Check Point, one of the world's highest performing security gateways, to offer highest caliber of security and real-time prevention, to protect your enterprise network from the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

SendQuick Conexa Simplifies Security with Singpass Login and FIDO2!

Access security is ever-evolving, and so are we! While most companies would make do with just SSL VPN / IPSec in order to secure remote access on their networks, SendQuick Conexa takes it a step further with Singpass Login and FIDO2 support.

I want to find out more about enhancing remote access security with Check Point and SendQuick Conexa. Please contact me.

    Benefit of Singpass Login

    With SingPass integration, you can now enable easy and convenient 2FA for remote access. Leveraging the Singapore government's trusted national identity system, SingPass 2FA ensures your business data remains protected while granting hassle-free access to authorized personnel.

    Benefit of FIDO2 Integration

    SendQuick Conexa also supports FIDO2, offering multiple authentication options like passwordless authentication, passkey, FIDO2-capable hardware security tokens e.g. Yubikey, and biometric authentication via users' devices. This includes Apple's Touch ID and Face ID, as well as Android's fingerprint and face recognition.

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