Build Your Business Continuity Management (BCM) Plan with SendQuick Assure

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    SendQuick Assure

    Traditionally, businesses have had to rely on manual call tree to relay the message to the next person down the line. Even for SMEs, a manual call tree system presents multiple limitations and disadvantages, such as inaccuracy, inefficiency and low productivity.

    SendQuick Assure is an automated call tree system developed in Singapore that will allow you to send out emergency messages to all your employees and stakeholders instantaneously.

    No matter the size of your organisation, ensuring your employees’ safety by rapidly disseminating the right information and maintaining open communication lines in the event of a crisis or emergency is of paramount importance.


    Future-Proof Your Communication Strategy

    Key Features

    Effective reach-out and response gathering in the shortest time possible

    Guaranteed message delivery

    Message acknowledgement

    Real-time statistical reports for management’s immediate assessment

    Plan for crisis communication execution in multiple emergency situations

    Ensure business resilience in times of emergencies

    Witness the positive impact SendQuick Assure can have on your organization! For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please reach out to our dedicated SendQuick team today!

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