Enhance Your Healthcare Patient’s Experience with SendQuick's Messaging Solutions

SendQuick’s Interactive Messaging Solutions

SendQuick can help your medical facility provide a better and more streamlined healthcare experience for your patients, making their visits or stays as comfortable and smooth as can be. Our automation and efficient messaging solutions assist the patients in their communication needs from the moment a patient falls ill, throughout the check-up, and any after-care services that may be rendered. 

SendQuick helps your healthcare organisation focus on each patient’s healthcare journey, while  simultaneously reducing the workload on hospital staff by automating routine business communication processes. This enables them to focus on the critical tasks, while improving overall work productivity. 

Automated Short Message Service (SMS) Appointments

  • Enable patients to book appointments via SMS using our two-way conversational messaging, eliminating the need for staff intervention.
  • Send automated reminders for upcoming appointments, reducing the chances of patients missing their scheduled slots.

Easy Check-in

  • Streamline the check-in process with an automated SMS system.
  • Provide patients with appointment queues, instructions, and necessary links to travel declarations and preparations before check-in, delivered through their preferred communication channel.

Seamless Communication with Patients

  • Send automated payment reminders for overdue payments, ensuring timely transactions.
  • Follow up on patient’s health, schedule or reschedule revisits.
  • Gather immediate feedback through preferred omnichannel to continuously improve on customer experience.

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