SMS Synergy:
Optimizing SolarWinds for Maximum Efficiency

I am a SolarWinds user. I am interested to know how SendQuick can help with effective IT alert management.

    When it comes to unplanned system downtime, relying solely on a monitoring tool might not cut it. We understand that network failures can be detrimental, causing revenue losses and damaging your hard-earned reputation.

    SendQuick offers a solution that can revolutionize your incident response strategy: SMS and omnichannel text notifications! Let’s explore the remarkable benefits they bring:

    Benefits of an SMS or onmichannel text notification solution:

    1. Out of band alerts: In the event the network is down, critical alerts with specific information can be delivered in real time via the mobile phone network
    2. Team routing: Concise information delivery via choice of SMS or omnichannel text alerts to on-call professionals, and or specific teams, and team members
    3. Automatic Escalation: Policy-based escalation allows you to direct SMS and omnichannel text notifications, and automatically escalate until an acknowledgment is received and the IT issue is looked to; minimizing costly downtime.


    Centralize your IT systems on a single platform for handling IT alerts

    Avoid alert fatigue and notify the right people with Email Filters and Roster Management

    Multiple integration methods eg. email to SMS, SNMP trap to SMS, and Syslog to text with policy filters, REST API, SFTP and others

    Real-time alerts and omnichannel notifications via SMS, voice and ready-to-use social messengers and collaboration tools eg. Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Business, LINE, Viber, Telegram, Microsoft Teams and Slack

    Helps reduce IT network systems downtime, improve incident response time and enhance overall system reliability

    Easy to setup

    With just a few clicks of the button, SendQuick is able to:

    Seamlessly integrate with SIEM, DCIM, ITSM and NMS systems

    Support format such as emails, syslog messages and SNMP trap

    Leverage social messenger apps and team collaboration tools to send alerts

    Highly scalable to fit your business model

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