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Building & Facility Management

The Building & Facility Management Industry

Businesses in the building and facility management industry heavily rely on robust IT monitoring and alerting systems that can withstand external environmental factors, to track essential variables in their processes. Maintaining specific parameters within a defined safe range, or ensuring smooth mechanical and electrical operations can mean the difference between a functioning facility and severe consequences.

As businesses scale their facility, goals such as reducing system downtime, enhancing efficiency, and improving threat management are all essential for this industry to maintain effectiveness and operational continuity of their facilities.

Challenges in Building & Facility Management

Businesses in this industry face various common challenges when it comes to effectively managing their operations. Handling multiple systems that monitor parameters like water pH, lift operations, and electrical disruptions can become difficult for IT and facilities support staff. It is also crucial to send timely notification to staff when operational functionality is compromised.

The Solution

Reliable and robust IT alert notification system offered by SendQuick can address gaps in threat notification management and can work directly with on-site servers and monitoring tools.

SendQuick offers firms the following benefits:

Robust System

Integrates with various systems to give a centralized view of all building and facility messages.

Message Filter System

Filters unnecessary noise, and allows important alerts via email, SNMP and Syslog to single and/or multiple users (rule-based SMS).


Automatically escalates unacknowledged alerts to the next appropriate employee or level of authority.

Real-time Alert Notification

Provides instant notifications to relevant employees when specific thresholds are met, or when issues are detected by monitoring tools.

Seamless Integration

Supports different devices and sensors (eg. Security Alarm, Internal Temperature, Solar Power Supply, Water PH Level, Hydroponics Technology).

Rostering and User Management

Manages employees in groups, facilitating automated alert distribution based on predefined roles and responsibilities. It also controls access to sensitive information and sends notifications through preferred communication channels.

With these features, building and facility management can improve their IT infrastructure and response times.

SendQuick is the ideal robust solution for any building and facility management firm looking to reduce response time and maintain operational functionality.

The Facility Management Experience with SendQuick

SendQuick is a robust and versatile communication platform that integrates seamlessly with data centre management solutions. Here is how it streamlines data center operations:

Building Security

Alerts are sent when security alarms are activated, when someone enters the building, or in case of any other security concerns, ensuring the safety of the premises.

Green Building

Employees can effectively monitor issues related to solar power supply, air circulation, or other similar parameters in real-time, allowing them to address any abnormalities promptly.

Aqua Culture

Staff are able to receive alerts when water pH, bacteria thresholds, salinity, or other variables deviate from normal levels, ensuring that habitats are always set at ideal conditions.

M&E Systems

Managers can keep track of power supply failures, dust levels, lift functionality and relevant system operations to ensure that all parts of the facility are functional.

Smart Farm

Farmers can monitor critical factors like soil pH, fertility, hydroponics, pests, and receive timely notifications regarding abnormalities that could affect plant growth.


Important parameters such as humidity, temperature, and pressure can be monitored, and staff can be alerted of any deviations from normal levels.

Building & Facility Management Industry

The Benefits

With use cases across multiple businesses and systems, facility and building managers can effectively track all variables in their processes.

Employees can be rostered according to their shifts and roles, ensuring that the right on-duty staff are immediately alerted when an issue arises.

The robust solution can also be conveniently placed on strategic external locations at work sites.

Support staff receive notifications through their preferred omnichannel mode of communication, with email alerts from monitoring systems converted to texts sent to their phones. This guarantees immediate notification for urgent issues, even when staff are not using their company system.

The management system also tracks issue acknowledgment. If the recipient of the alert does not acknowledge the text, the system can automatically escalate the issue to the next relevant employee or level of authority, ensuring timely resolution.

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