Automated crisis management solution for stakeholder management

A Simple Business Continuity Management (BCM)
To Ensure Emergency Preparedness

An automated crisis management solution via various notification channels (e.g. SMS and instant messaging) effectively reaches out to all stakeholders with immediacy in times of crisis to ascertain their safety.

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    How SendQuick Assure works for you?

    Flexible with easy configuration

    • Allow configuration to meet different businesses’ structural needs
    • Unlimited users and administrators to grant different levels of access rights
    • User-friendly web portal

    Keyword management and SMS log reports

    • Allow auto-resend repeat cycles of configured intervals
    • Keyword management for recipients to acknowledge and be recorded in the system for traceability
    • SMS log reports (with export capability) and audit trail available

    Key Features

    Effective reach-out and response gathering in the shortest time possible

    Guaranteed message delivery

    Message acknowledgement

    Real-time statistical reports for management’s immediate assessment

    Plan for crisis communication execution in multiple emergency situations

    Ensure business resilience in times of emergencies

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