Hospitality and Travel

How can the hospitality and travel industry create great customer experience while managing efficiently with fewer resources while maintaining cost-competitiveness?

The hospitality and travel industry is a relationship-based service business that is constantly challenged to deliver outstanding customer service while remaining cost-competitive. Recent global economic and political challenges have demanded that the industry place innovation at its helm to stay ahead of the curve.

How can you benefit from sendQuick:

Reduce Operating Cost

Our solutions can work with preferred applications or as a standalone system to reduce administrative bottlenecks, simplify workflows, and free up resources. sendQuick solutions can help with escalation, delegation, scheduled or rule-based actions for better resource utilization.

Deliver Outstanding Services Smarter

The sendQuick solution’s 2-way messaging capability can be used as a remote concierge service by your customers. The remote concierge can assist customers with ticketing, reservations, bookings, etc. They can also be used to conduct marketing, service feedback, and quick polling to improve services.

Enhance Staff Responsiveness

Our solutions can help you increase staff responsiveness for customers or team members. From customer service, operations, or in-room service matters, we can help you enable resources to follow-through, work on remedial actions, seeking clarifications or approvals.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

sendQuick solutions can integrate well with your preferred Customer Relationship Management solution to provide 2-way messaging exchanges with your customers. Our solutions can help your membership registration, promotions, invitations, news updates and other follow-through tasks.

Partnership Has Its Privileges

Our solutions can help your business partnerships garner better engagements. With extended service alignments between partners, we can help you align your offerings to better serve customers for a total value-added service offered by your brand.

Minding Logistics and Inventory Control

By helping you to manage your back-end logistics and inventory better, your Supply Chain Management system can communicate timely replenishment requirements of inventory. This processes will aid in reducing wastage and product shortfalls.