Information Technology

How can the infocomm technology industry improve its operational responsiveness and develop competitive business advantage?

The infocomm technology industry is gradually transforming its business as being service providers, this requires it to be more responsive and to develop new competitive advantage. It needs to be seen as the extended IT arm of its customers helping their customer develop better business operations.

How can you benefit from sendQuick:

Improve IT Operations Responsiveness

Our solutions can help your IT operations by providing direct and instantaneous alerts when unscheduled downtime occurs. sendQuick can also help you escalate and delegate resources accordingly to set rules and priorities, thus reducing bottlenecks and delays.

Connect Directly With Customers Effectively

We can integrate with your Customer Relationship Management system or as a standalone messaging solution to provide direct 2-way communication with your customers. sendQuick can be used to manage approvals, updates, and promotions to value-add on your business undertakings.

Stay Agile with Business Partners

Our solutions can provide you with direct engagement with your business partners to drive time-constraint-driven actions and updates interactively. sendQuick solutions utilize a common messaging platform that is 2-way and is reliable even without the presence of the internet.

Improve Customers’ Secure Remote Access

Our solutions do not need the internet to communicate, thus security risks and cyber threats are much reduced. sendQuick’s 2FA SMS OTP solution can assist you with secure remote access to sensitive information without the use of tokens or additional client-wares – convenient for your deployment.

Automate Administrative Processes

By automating your administrative processes, we can help you get focused on higher value engagements. Our solutions reduce operational costs, simplify processes, and provide your customer with self-service capabilities via rule-based actions. We also help you elevate responsiveness.

Lesser Paper for Green IT Initiatives

Our solutions can be used to send paperless accounting statuses, service usage updates, and quick summary of sales bookings and billings. Even though some customers still require final printed invoices, we can take a big cut out of intermediate paper usage with sendQuick solutions.