Video Tutorial

Get started on SendQuick products with the tutorial playlist.

1. SendQuick Entera Tutorial Playlist

1. SendQuick Entera IP Configuration

2. SendQuick Entera Modem Status

3. SendQuick Entera SMTP Routing

4. SendQuick Entera System Overview

5. SendQuick Entera System Usage

6. SendQuick Entera Email Filter

7. SendQuick Entera Generate backup file

8. SendQuick Entera Generate diagnostic file

9. SendQuick Entera HA Configuration

10. SendQuick Entera Port Check

11. SendQuick Entera SNMP trap filter

12. SendQuick Entera Syslog filter

13. SendQuick Entera Ping Check

2. SendQuick ASP Tutorial Playlist

  • SendQuick ASP User Portal Video Tutorial
  • 1. SendQuick ASP – Schedule & Send SMS by Manual Entry

    2. SendQuick ASP – Schedule & Send SMS by File upload

    3. SendQuick ASP – SMS Report

    4. SendQuick ASP – Individual Contact

    5. SendQuick ASP – Group Contact

    6. SendQuick ASP – Campaign Management

    7. SendQuick ASP – Message Template

  • SendQuick ASP Google Calender Video Tutorial
  • 8. Define data format template in SendQuick ASP that corresponds to event title in Google Calendar

    9. Personalize SMS message with mail merge function

    10. Send SMS for a Google Calendar Event

    11. Schedule SMS for a Google Calendar Event

    12. Recurring Schedule of SMS for Google Calendar Events

    13. Google Calendar’s SMS Scheduler List

    14. Google Calendar’s SMS Progress Report

  • SendQuick ASP Admin Portal Video Tutorial
  • 1. View and Export SMS Reports

    2. User Management – Add and Edit New End User Account

    3. User Management – Allocate SMS to End Users and SMS Top-up Request to SendQuick

    4. Keyword Management

    5. Mobile Phone Lists – Manual Entry and By File Upload

    6. Edit Profile – Change Password and Company Logo

    7. System Configuration

    3. SendQuick Conexa Tutorial Playlist

  • SendQuick Conexa Server Integration with SendQuick Credential Provider for Windows Login
  • SendQuick Conexa Server Integration with New SendQuick App
    Soft Token, Push OTP and Push Authentication
  • SendQuick Conexa Server Integration with Digital ID (Singpass)