Secure Remote Access with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

SendQuick Conexa Simplifies Security with MFA - Singpass or Yoti Digital ID Login, FIDO2-capable YubiKey, One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS, Email, Soft Token and Push Authentication

SendQuick offers SendQuick Conexa, an affordable, simple and reliable solution that ensures secure remote access through MFA, allowing only authorized individuals to access sensitive data, applications and critical systems.

With Digital ID integration eg. Singpass, you can now enable easy and convenient 2FA for remote access. Leveraging the Singapore government’s trusted national identity system, Singpass 2FA ensures your business data remains protected while granting hassle-free access to authorized personnel.

SendQuick Conexa also supports FIDO2, offering multiple authentication options like passwordless biometric authentication and FIDO2-capable hardware security tokens e.g. Yubikey. Yubikey offers a modern FIDO-based phishing-resistant MFA solution, whereby users simply touch the YubiKey to verify to gain access.

This all-in-one SendQuick Conexa appliance also includes features such as built-in SMS OTP, Soft token (supports any standard SHA-256 soft token), Push Authentication to SendQuick mobile app, Email OTP with Authentication and Authorization (AA) capability, Radius server, SAML identity provider and an SMS transmission engine. SendQuick Conexa can support multiple SSL VPN sessions as required.

It is especially beneficial for companies seeking to provide secure remote access with strong authentication to onsite and remote staff, contractors or privileged users such as IT administrators and customers from multiple remote locations.

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    How SendQuick Conexa works?

    SendQuick Conexa Server Integration with SendQuick Credential Provider for Windows Login

    SendQuick Conexa Server Integration with New SendQuick App
    Soft Token, Push OTP and Push Authentication

    SendQuick Conexa Server Integration with Digital ID (Singpass)

    Key Features

    All in one appliance for authentication, authorization, OTP generation and SMS OTP transmission and Soft Token, Push OTP and Push Authentication

    Clientless approach for SMS OTP and Free mobile soft token (install on any mobile phones)

    Configurable OTP features (length, expiry time, and message)

    Integrate to local/external databases or Microsoft AD with unlimited users (clientless)

    Supports multiple SSL VPN for multiple remote access authentication

    Able to work with both LTE and 4G mobile networks

    Secure and does not depend on external or 3rd party networks

    Option for RAID and High Availability (HA) for zero down-time implementation

    New Authentication API client integrates with SendQuick Credential Provider to provide 2FA for windows Login

    Low maintenance and support cost for company; Low deployment cost to end user

    Support multiple MFA approaches e.g. SMS, Email, Soft Token, Push notification, Hard Token and more

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