Construction & Real Estate

How can the construction & CRE industry respond better to planned changes and improve their resource management better?

Construction and Commercial Real Estate (CRE) are relationship-based businesses that needs to react quickly to planned changes while remaining cost-competitive. They also need to manage a pool of mobile workforce, work with various business partners, and respond to clients’ needs swiftly and thoroughly.

How can you benefit from sendQuick:

Increase Flexibility and Responsiveness

Our solutions can help you communicate directly and instantly, minimizing bottlenecks and delays: plan change updates, timeline notifications, logistic alerts, approvals, and more. sendQuick solutions are designed to integrate with your enterprise applications or as a standalone messaging system.

Reduce Administrative Workflow Bottlenecks

We can help you with automating complex administrative processes, freeing-up key resources and reduce your operational cost. By addressing menial task management, our solutions can help you achieve better streamlining of workflow processes resulting in agility, and higher returns on investments.

Improve Customer Relationship

sendQuick solutions can work as an integrated or a separate messaging system to enhance your CRM capabilities. We will help you stay in touch with past, current and potential customers to improve your sales and marketing follow-through and engagement through our solutions.

Enhance Mobile Workforce Communications

Our solutions can help manage your mobile workforce better. Our enterprise messaging system can broadcast or serve as a manpower deployment broadcasting tool. Its 2-way messaging capability allows for direct instantaneous updates, so as to add presence and awareness to your manpower.

Secure Your Business Information Sharing

sendQuick solutions do not depend on the use of the internet to message, making it safer from cybersecurity risks and exposure. Our authentication solution can help in securing remote authorized access to sensitive information, thus ensuring your business competitiveness is protected as well.

Stay Cost Conscious and Improve Inventory Control

Our solutions can be integrated to your Inventory Ordering and Tracking system. We can send direct messages alerting your team or suppliers to respond quickly and be summarily informed of necessary follow-through to pursue recovery actions. We help lower your TCO by reducing wastage and delays.