2-way messaging system that can be fully integrated with your systems

2-way Business Messaging Communication

SendQuick ASP is a locally hosted, bi-directional mobile messaging system that can be used for business messaging through a standalone web portal and/or integrating business applications with HTTP(S) or Email/SMTP Application Programming Interface (API).

Sending and receiving SMS messages can be through direct connections, with options of shared or dedicated short codes, long codes and modem hosting.

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    How SendQuick ASP works for you?

    Immediate sending of large volumes of SMS

    • Fast SMS throughput to send large volume of SMS messages out with immediacy
    • Various SMS delivery options available

    Easy maintenance and configuration

    • No hardware or SIM card to maintain
    • Various integration connectivity options are available

    Key Features

    2-way messaging (Long Code, Short Code and Modem Hosting)

    Web broadcast and API (HTTP / SMTP and other languages available upon request) for application integration

    Fast SMS delivery (up to 300 SMS / sec)

    Customizable sender ID can be used for branding purposes

    Low or zero setup and/or monthly hosting fees

    Pay-per-use local and international SMS

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