#Success Stories

My First Skool

sendQuick ASP helped us simplify our processes by getting to our potential customers to respond to us faster and with a more direct approach compared to emails.

About My First Skool

My First Skool is a leader in early childhood care and education having being around for more than 40 years. As the pre-school arm of NTUC (National Trades Union Congress) First Campus Co-operative, My First Skool has grown into one of Singapore's most respected early childhood organisations since first opening its doors back in 1977.

Dedicated to bringing quality pre-school education within easy reach, My First Skool now has over 140 pre-schools islandwide and is serving more than 22,000 families.


To find an affordable and efficient way to contact parents for their immediate responses to centre placements and various events.

Faced with intense competition in the childcare industry, My First Skool needed to reach potential customers fast to offer placements in various centre at different locations. Staff had to constantly call parents over the phone to inform them of vacancies or upcoming events and open houses. This grew to became a very time-consuming and unproductive activity as parents frequently do not pick up the calls or in some cases, no longer using the contact numbers they provided earlier. The staff was spending many hours just on calling alone!

My First Skool wanted to find a simpler way to get responses from parents without compromising on the productivity of their manpower or needing to hire extra manpower just to constantly contact parents for confirmation.

They have explored using email (through EDMs) but have found that it did not provide the timely responses that they urgently needed in order to optimise placements in the centres and to manage the vacancies.


SendQuick ASP

The deployment of sendQuick ASP helped My First Skool to achieve significantly faster responses from parents that were on their waitlists with the 2-way SMS feature. It further allowed them to streamline all communications with parents during their mass enrolment-calling (for the replacement of K2 graduates.) As part of the workflow, sendQuick ASP is now triggered to send SMSes whenever attempts to contact the parents by phone were unsuccessful. Besides this, sendQuick ASP is now used to blast information to interested parents about any new centre(s) prior to enrolment-calling or even upcoming opening. This kept the interest warm and enabled their enrolment-calling to be smoother than before.

Flexibility to integrate with sendQuick's API

2-way messaging system

Automatic notifications and reminders to patients


Efficient communications to parents with ease of use at affordable cost

With the introduction of sendQuick ASP, My First Skool has since saw a 50% increase in prompt responses from parents/customers as compared to email responses. The decision to use SMS as the main form of communication over email was because they knew that the interest of parents will wane if they were not prompted to make decisions quickly. The SMS system allows them to do just that.

My First Skool had also evaluated other SMS service-providers that offered other messaging platforms but found them way too complicated. Eventually, they chose sendQuick ASP because it is simple and easy to use, yet effective and affordable.

Ms. Fazilah Sidek Senior Executive

"sendQuick ASP helped us simplify our processes by getting to our potential customers to respond to us faster and with a more direct approach compared to emails. Despite the ever-changing platforms of social media messaging, we still prefer the humble way of reaching our parents via SMS as it is a medium that we feel is traditionally sincere and an non-intrusive way to re-ignite the interest of our customers to place their children in our centres.We also recommended sendQuick SMS system to our marketing team and they are now using it for their marketing efforts for new/extension centres."