SendQuick Cloud

Get Notified When Your IT Systems Fail

Manage Your Cloud Incidents
Get Notified When Your IT Systems Fail

SendQuick Cloud is a systems availability monitoring and notification management platform for the cloud. It works with public cloud services to monitor systems, applications, services and network. It can be easily configured to flag up issues to your staff on duty.

SendQuick Cloud receives strings of information from the public cloud platforms and breaks down this information into parameters Users are able to click on the desired parameter as the condition and set it as a threshold to trigger the alerts.

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    How SendQuick Cloud works for you?

    Get Critical Alerts on Cloud Incidents

    • Deliver alerts for availability, performance and usage of the entire IT infrastructure, applications which are on the cloud.
    • Provide systems visibility across all connected data centres, security operations centers and network operations centers.
    • Actively monitor application availability using Ping, Port, URL checks and notify any incident happen.

    Avoid Alert Fatigue

    • Easy-to-setup rules and helps to avoid missing out on important alerts due to a massive influx of notifications. You now have the flexibility to receive alerts on what best suits your business needs.

    Integrates with Any Application

    • Seamless integration with public cloud services including Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Huawei Cloud.
    • Able to integrate with any application (security, network and applications) as well as all infrastructure management tools (including DCIM, SIEM, NMS, ITSM) as we support Email-to-Text.

    Key Features

    Public Cloud Integration

    Roster Management

    User Management

    Avoid Alert Fatigue

    Ensure Application Availability

    Social Messenger App Integration

    Emails to Text (SMS) Messages

    Able to Integrate with any Application

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