Alert Plus

Enhanced IT systems alerts and notification messaging gateway

Receive Instant Critical Alerts
when your IT Systems Fail

Protect revenue and improve customer experiences by resolving critical incidents faster and preventing future occurrences. Reduce downtime by sending out instant two-way alerts & notifications through SMS, messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram, Messenger or collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex.

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    How SendQuick Alert Plus works for you?

    Receive Real-Time Alerts on SMS

    • Instant alert on SMS, reducing downtime
    • SMS is delivered anytime, anywhere (even when you are overseas!)
    • Get SMS reply from your support team for acknowledgement

    Sending the right messages to the right people

    • Selective SMS alert (with filter) for important events
    • Send multiple SMS for each alert to different people

    Reliable with unlimited application support

    • SMS is stored & forward, with reliable delivery (network dependant)
    • Support unlimited applications, devices and servers (good ROI)

    There are three ways to get started with
    SendQuick Alert Plus

    IT Alert Management System Singapore


    Convert Email To SMS Singapore


    SNMP Trap To SMS Singapore

    Virtual Machine

    How SendQuick Alert Plus works?

    Key Features

    Support email SMTP, SNMP Traps, Syslog messages for events and convert to SMS.

    2-way SMS messaging with reminder and escalation to ensure message acknowledgement.

    Fully compatible with all security, network, management devices.

    Network monitor (Ping) with SMS feature to ensure server availability.

    Message filter system (email, Syslog and SNMP) to send their important alerts to single and / or multiple users.

    Dual integration method: via email or HTTP Post for sending and receiving SMS.

    Built-in SMTP email gateway and email relay function to relay email alert messages and serves as a back- up email gateway.

    Optional add-on: Address Book and Shift Management; High Available (HA) Module; HTTPS (SSL); HTTP Delivery Module; Additional modems

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