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Enterprise-class Mobile messaging application

sqoope™ is the enterprise-class mobile messaging application developed by SendQuick Pte Ltd. sqoope™ facilitates on a natural and novel way of communicating within a corporate landscape. User authentication is verified and given access directly via AD, LDAP, Radius, and DB. Bundled with exciting features while taking stock that nothing compromises on the level of confidentiality required in data exchange on the enterprise level. 

sqoope is capable of integrating with sendQuick® servers in providing multi-channel messaging solutions for the Enterprise through mobile messaging. sqoope™ is the only mobile application available in this industry that is interoperable with the API (Application Programming Interface) of sendQuick® servers in facilitating the delivery of both SMS (Text) and instant mobile messages to other applications.

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    How Sqoope works for you?


    sqoope is an enterprise mobile messaging app for simplifying the way teams connect and communicate with each other Works like any social messenger app with additional features of privacy and confidentiality. Rich features and tools make collaboration cohesive and seamless. Scalable and ease of use make sqoope an ideal solution for integrating different communication channels and workflow processes within a company.


    The integration of sqoope with sendQuick completes the mobile messaging ecosystem for the enterprise. This is a perfect solution for enterprises seeking to reinforce and improve their workflow within the enterprise

    Key Features

    Multiple Devices Usage

    It has a web platform which seamlessly complements the mobile app

    Works On Popular Operating Systems

    Android, iOS

    Integration With APIs

    Connects with all front-end and back-end applications for delivery of messages

    Reliable Message Delivery

    All messages are tagged with delivery statuses ‘Sent, Delivered, Read & Acknowledged’

    Multi-Channel Messaging Capability

    Multi-channel messaging through 3G, Wi-Fi, and SMS. When augmented with sendQuick SMS gateway appliances, it sends out messages to recipients in critical situations independent of data network

    No Breach Of Data On Loss Of Phone

    You can remotely disable the application if the user loses the mobile device (with wipe out function)

    Private Server

    The server is installed behind the organisation’ s own firewall and only authorized users from within the organization are allowed to use keeping sensitive information within the enterprise

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