How can the education industry improve their operational effectiveness and provide quality engagements for their students and parents?

The education industry needs to deliver immediate and responsive services to their student body, alumnae, and teaching & support staff. They need to be financially prudent, simplify administrative processes, and conduct outreach and recruitment drives to sustain growth.

How can you benefit from sendQuick:

Provide A Common messaging platform

Using a direct 2-way short messaging platform, sendQuick solutions can serve as a preferred messaging system for mobile phones. This permits you to conduct better outreach, interactive engagements, receive assignments, provide feedback and updates, with little investment or resource utilization.

Improve Student, Parent and Alumni Affairs Management

Our solutions can integrate with your in-house application or act as a standalone system to help with appointment booking, reminders, communiques, reports and student affairs updates. sendQuick can also assist in managing classroom change notifications quickly.

Reduce Operating Costs by Automating Processes

We can help automate your administrative processes through rule-based scheduling, delegating, or escalating. This frees up your limited resources to aid responsiveness and availability. This especially so when institution competence is measured by quality of services performed.

Enhance Student and Parental Experience

sendQuick solutions are 2-way messaging systems that allows you to perform course marketing and follow-ups directly. Our authentication solution can add confidence, trust, and security by managing sensitive information away from cyber threats.

Offer Faster Paper and Exam Result Releases

We can help you with earlier release of student’s paper and exam’s result once they are ready. It is also possiblefor the results to be send to authorized contacts: parents or guardians. The recipients can revert if they have concerns without much delays for remedial actions or feedback.

Build Loyalty Through Membership

sendQuick solutions can integrate with customer relationship management(CRM) system to help you stay connected with alumnae and potential recruits. Options to subscribe to receive updates and updates are available. Our solutions can do broadcast too.