A single platform that connects all your chat apps

Cloud-based messaging portal with a single and unified API

Simple, no fuss 2-way messaging. Onboard, Connect, Send.
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omnichannel messaging platform

A Single Platform that
Connects All your Chat Apps

Today, customers are constantly utilising messaging applications to communicate for social and work purposes. 

As social messaging applications are gaining popularity and becoming more mainstream, it is critical to plan a solution that can handle all customer interactions effectively – you need to be accessible wherever they are! After all, now that customers are ready to communicate with businesses in a more personal and accessible way, more and more organisations are becoming more conscious of the fact that they need to be present wherever customers are.

However, every country has its dominant messaging app, and each user has a preferred method of communication. How can you be certain that your messages can be customised to satisfy the various needs of your customers all around the world?

It is absolutely essential for businesses to have an omnichannel messaging platform if they want to compete locally or globally in their industry. If your company does not employ an omnichannel messaging platform, it can be challenging to retain a loyal consumer because the cost for your potential and existing customers to switch to your competition is low.

To optimise your omnichannel communication process with your customers, we have done the labour-intensive task of pre-integrating messaging channels into a centralised platform: via

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    • We’ve already done the tough work for you! is a single, unified messaging API that enables easy integration of all your network systems and applications to all popular collaboration channels and chat messengers.
    • can take over your messaging workflow so you can concentrate on providing excellent customer engagement experience and support.


    • You may broadcast, communicate, and engage in collaborative activities with users of all supported collaboration tools and chat messengers using the conversa platform, an omnichannel web messaging portal.
    • There is no longer a need to switch between innumerable window tabs as conversation threads with various senders across channels will be reflected to all the relevant departmental agents within a centralised platform with a single interface!
    • Even a conversation in progress can be easily transferred from an agent to another.

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    Cloud-based messaging platform with a single and unified API

    messaging portal

    Key Features

    Historical transactions with users

    Multi-messaging with SMS fall-back

    Optional chat-bot add-on as virtual assistants

    Bi-directional messages are synced and logged

    Unified messaging API to interconnect messaging channels and business applications

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