Cloud-based messaging platform with a single and unified API

A Single Platform that
connects all your chat apps

Customers are on their messaging apps communicating for social or work purposes, and you need to be available wherever your customers are at!

However, each country has its own dominant messaging app, and every customer has their own preferred communication channel. How do you ensure your communications can be customised to meet the varied needs of your customers around the world?

We’ve done the hard work of pre-integrating messaging channels into a centralised platform – to optimise your omnichannel communication process with your customers

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    How SendQuick io works for you?


    • We’ve done all the hard work for you! is a single and unified API that integrates all your applications and network systems seamlessly to all popular chat messengers and collaboration channels.
    • You can offload your messaging workflow to and focus on what you do best – outstanding customer support and engagement experience.


    • The conversa portal is an omnichannel web messaging portal that enables you to broadcast, chat and interact with users of all supported chat messengers and collaboration tools.
    • Conversation threads with different senders across channels will be displayed to all relevant departmental agents in a centralised platform with a single interface – no need to toggle between countless window tabs anymore!
    • You can even assign an on-going conversation from one agent to another seamlessly.

    Key Features

    Unified API to interconnect messaging channels and business applications

    Multi-messaging with SMS fall-back

    Bi-directional messages are synced and logged

    Historical transactions with users

    Optional chat-bot add-on as virtual assistants

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