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Benefits of using SMS messaging in the Education industry

SMS notifications can greatly benefit various vendors in the education ecosystem – schools, universities, enrichment centers etc. It can increase revenue, simplify administrative processes and provide seamless interactive communication. Here’s how:

A.     School Communication

Timely reminders for Parent- teacher meetings

Announcements on class/school activities

Library book loan reminders sent to students

Course updates

Sending exam reminders, changes in schedule, exam results

B.     Student Enrolment

Alerts for open days and applications deadlines

Information on upcoming events, and seminars to prospective students

Payment/ fee reminders to avoid penalty

Survey and feedback

C.     Emergency Alerts

Send bulk SMS notifications in event of shutdown due to unforeseen contingencies

Notifying parents & students of any closure or cancellations due to inclement weather

Notification of a child’s absence from school

Alerts on epidemics to help parents decide the best course of action

D.     Staff Communication

Secure access for staff into corporate intranet and applications

Facilities monitoring notifications and alert on unauthorised access

Data centre environment monitoring


How can sendQuick help:

  1. Provide Interactive platform: 
    2-Way messaging platform allows you to conduct better outreach programs, receive assignments, provide feedback and updates with minimum investment or resource utilization

  2. Improve Student, Parent and Alumni Affairs Management: 
    sendQuick can integrate with your existing applications to help with appointment booking, reminders, communiques, reports and student affairs updates

  3. Reduce Operating costs through automation:
    Automate your administrative processes through rule-based scheduling, delegating, or escalating. This frees up your limited resources to aid responsiveness and availability

  4. Enhance Student and Parental Experience: 
    Our bi-directional messaging systems allow you to perform course marketing and follow-ups directly. Our authentication solution can add confidence, trust, and security by managing sensitive information