Beyond Password : More Ways To Authenticate Users

Beyond Password : More Ways To Authenticate Users

3 April 2024 (Wednesday) | 11am – 12noon (SGT)

Zoom Webinar

Our award-winning Multifactor Authentication (MFA) solution, SendQuick Conexa, now comes with more authentication methods for you to choose from. We have now up to 9 different authentication methods including FIDO compatible security key (Yubikey) and Digital ID (SingPass, Yoti).

As cyber threats evolve in sophistication, depending solely on a single authentication method, such as passwords, is becoming progressively less secure. MFA introduces extra layers of security, considerably heightening the difficulty of unauthorised access. By mandating multiple verification methods, MFA mitigates the risk: even if one factor is compromised, unauthorised users are less likely to gain access without the additional required factors.
In our upcoming Online Clinic, we will delve into the array of authentication methods offered by SendQuick Conexa. Join us for a quick walkthrough on configuring these methods to suit your needs.

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