SendQuick Administrator Training

SendQuick Administrator Training

15 February 2023

Houne, Clarke Quay Singapore

We are starting the new year with 2 on-site in-depth SendQuick Administrator Training Courses in Singapore on 15 February 2023!

Have a deeper insight into the Admin functions of SendQuick Entera and SendQuick Conexa so that you can learn :

  • The various SendQuick Administrator functions to optimise your system
  • how to improve the Security of your systems
  • Application integration via HTTPS, FTP, ODBC (Entera only)
  • Solution integration via Radius, SAML, HTTPS & SMTP (Conexa only)
  • How to integrate with SingPass, & Push Authentication (NEW) (Conexa only)
  • How to integrate with different broadcast channels (WhatsApp, Telegram, MS Teams & etc)
  • Report generation, essential troubleshooting and applying patches.

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