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Excellence in mobile messaging solutions

To anyone who has experience interacting with us, we seem like a lean, zealous startup. However, TalariaX was founded almost twenty years ago, in 2001, with 3 co-founders who are still with the company today. At the time, businesses were beginning to implement A2P communication through SMS.

We started with that very concept, but our expectations for ourselves was to make it best in class and pursue excellence at every step of the way whether in product innovation or customer service.

We started with the solution which, today, we call sendQuick Enterprise to enable organizations to send broadcast messages. Among its applications were marketing and emergency messaging broadcasting. We continued on this path and over time evolved its cloud-based variant we named sendQuick ASP.

Business Transformation

It was not long, thereafter, that we noticed an emerging shift where businesses were increasingly relying on technology to carry out functions like accounting, word processing, and financial analysis.

It was not long before technology became increasingly pervasive within how businesses operated with the number of devices and systems expanding rapidly. The rise in these numbers and IT infrastructure being increasingly integrated with the internet, gave birth to the network management system (NMS) which was, and still is, used to monitor their performance and availability.

NMS systems then could only transmit Syslog messages to users via email. This meant that if any part of the system was down or performed sub-optimally, the IT personnel would be notified provided their email service was functioning well otherwise the notifications would not get through.

To make these notification workflows in organizations more predictable, the sendQuick IT notification management platform emerged. Other brands followed suit, but sendQuick outpaced them by constantly innovating and delivering value to clients.

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Automated Workflows

The new millennia has been the era of business transformation. Two notable trends that we are continually witnessing are the merging of two or more business functions into one to explore inter-departmental synergies and business process automation.

So, for example, operations departments are merging with departments including finance, marketing, engineering, and production.

And organizations are increasingly relying on mobile messaging technologies to automate business processes. Today, it is not uncommon for you to receive a notification on your mobile phone reminding you of your upcoming clinical appointment and seeking confirmation from you. You may also receive an automated notification once the online vendor from whom you bought an item has been shipped to you. The use cases can be endless.

Our solution, sendQuick Entera, is purpose-built to suit organizations that wish to automate their business processes with two-way messaging and has features like plug & play, support for unlimited back-end applications and high availability (HA) option.

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2FA Security for Enterprises

The global economy is becoming increasingly competitive and, as a result, businesses are getting more nimble. The workforce is progressively mobile and communication is taking place over public networks which elevates the concern for security to protect individual privacy and corporate data.

sendQuick ConeXa was designed and developed as a 2FA remote access solution that delivers secure access to staff and customers to access sensitive information. As a second factor, it provides a one-time password (OTP) via out-of-band SMS, email, and mobile soft token through a smartphone app.

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Power of Omnichannel Messaging

The signature feature of all sendQuick solutions is their ability to provide better depth and breadth in terms of available communication channels.

This feature facilitates true mobility and allows IT departments to better manage their workflows efficiently and reduce task turnaround times.

The omnichannel messaging platform is a stand-alone sendQuick solution. Using a single API, each independent sendQuick solution can seamlessly integrate with it to enable it to send notifications and alerts via out-of-band SMS, email, automated voice calls, social messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, Viber, and team collaboration tools such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Other brands / companies can integrate with our mobile messaging solution with a single API to send omnichannel notifications to their audiences, as well.

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