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How to overcome disruptions in unplanned work?

Even the most detailed of plans can be derailed by unplanned work – urgent issues that pop out of nowhere.

Unplanned work also affects the morale of the employees. More stress and anxiety, less time to work on important items and reduced work-life balance are the top three issues faced by workers.

Not only does unplanned work affect employees, it also negatively affects customers at the receiving end who may experience delays and errors on their orders or services.

You can overcome unplanned work disruptions by implementing business process automation solutions that automate routine tasks, and improve communications across the entire business.

What is Business Process Automation?

With a shrinking workforce and technology-driven automation, it is vital that businesses automate routine business processes to stay competitive. Our Business Process Automation solution helps you to automate your daily routine business tasks, improving workflow and freeing up personnel to focus on delivering higher value to customers.

By sending real-time SMS notifications to their customers, companies gain a competitive advantage by sending messages to improve business processes and retrieving real-time responses to help close transactions. You can deploy 2-way SMS in many different ways in your business processes to remain responsive to your customers and become more efficient and competitive.

#1 Strong customer communications

A customer-centric approach is one of the key business shifts of this decade. Products and service that place the customer at its core, paired with great customer engagement are what gives a business a strong competitive edge.

When faced with an unplanned issue, keeping tight communications with your customers helps you to stay accountable to them, and prevent misunderstandings and confusion on the ground. Automated messages can be configured through sendQuick’s messaging solutions.

#2 2-way communications

The worst thing about speaking to a customer relations officer is when you’re talking to a robot that does not reply back.

sendQuick’s solutions offer 2-way messages that increases interactivity with improved turnaround time. This ensure panicked customers to have an ease of mind that the issues are being tended to, which in turn helps your IT team to stay focused on resolving the issues.

#3 Automate daily tasks

By automating daily tasks, employees have more time to focus on business critical activities that can have a material impact on revenue growth, but also work on preventing issues that can cause unplanned work.

sendQuick has a range of solutions available for different types of business needs. We have successfully transformed business from a local to a regional scale. Speak to us to find out how we can support your business transformation.