SendQuick Appointed as WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, Propelling Customer Engagement for Businesses

5 July 2023

SendQuick Pte Ltd, a leading provider of enterprise mobile messaging solutions, has been appointed as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), demonstrating its commitment to providing cutting-edge messaging solutions to businesses.

This partnership is set to revolutionize customer engagement and communication for businesses across various industries, making it easier for them to communicate with their customers, improve customer engagement and drive growth.

SendQuick now provides companies with a wide variety of improved messaging alternatives as an authorised WhatsApp BSP, helping businesses to speed up their communication processes and offer a seamless customer experience by using WhatsApp’s enormous popularity and reach.

Through this integration, businesses can interact with their customers on a widely embraced  platform that they are already comfortable using, which helps foster higher response rates and engagement, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Businesses may enhance consumer interaction thanks to SendQuick’s expertise and WhatsApp’s extensive use, and can also provide clients with interesting, interactive experiences by utilising features like multi-media messaging offered by WhatsApp, for instance.

This not only improves the overall customer experience but also facilitates real-time contact, allowing businesses to respond to inquiries quickly and offer valuable support.

Mr JS Wong, CEO of SendQuick, conveyed his excitement regarding SendQuick’s appointment as a WhatsApp BSP.

He described it as a significant achievement, stating, “We are truly delighted to be appointed as a WhatsApp BSP. This accomplishment is a testament to our expertise in messaging solutions.”

“With the integration of WhatsApp API, we are thrilled to take our messaging solutions to the next level. We eagerly look forward to assisting businesses in revolutionising their engagement with their customers through innovative and impactful approaches,” he added.

Besides Whatsapp Business API (WABA), SendQuick has pre-integrated messaging channels eg. Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat, Telegram, Instagram, Lark, LINE Notify, Viber, SendQuick ASP (SMS) and collaboration tools eg. Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Slack and WeCom, into a centralised platform to optimise omnichannel communication processes between businesses and its customers.

This enables businesses to broadcast, chat and interact with users of all supported chat messengers and collaboration tools.

SendQuick is a trusted partner for future-proof enterprise mobility solutions, serving over 2,000 installations in more than 40 countries.

Its clientele includes numerous Fortune Global 500 companies across various sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, government, education, and healthcare.

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