SendQuick Conexa incorporates FIDO2 with Yubico’s YubiKeys to strengthen cybersecurity

1 Aug 2023

Effective cybersecurity measures are crucial for modern businesses where cybersecurity threats are constantly increasing and evolving. While many companies use SSL VPN or IPSec for remote access security, these tools lack user authentication capabilities.

To address this issue, SendQuick offers SendQuick Conexa, an affordable, simple and reliable solution that ensures secure remote access through multi-factor authentication (MFA), allowing only authorized individuals to access sensitive data, applications and critical systems.

This all-in-one appliance includes features such as built-in SMS OTP, Soft token, Push Authentication, Digital ID, Email OTP with Authentication and Authorization (AA) capability, Radius server, SAML identity provider and an SMS transmission engine.

It is especially beneficial for companies seeking to provide secure remote access with strong authentication to onsite and remote staff, contractors or privileged users such as IT administrators and customers from multiple remote locations.

Integration with FIDO2-capable YubiKey

With SendQuick’s ongoing commitment to delivering a secure digital environment for its customers, it has integrated SendQuick Conexa with Yubico’s YubiKey, which is a phishing-resistant hardware security key, to provide customers with a robust cybersecurity solution. 

YubiKey offers a modern FIDO-based phishing-resistant MFA solution, whereby users simply touch the YubiKey to verify to gain access.

By incorporating Yubico’s phishing-resistant MFA solution with SendQuick Conexa, the company aims to enhance its cybersecurity offerings and provide businesses with a simple way to fortify their systems – a move to passwordless authentication that does not require the user to provide a password upon login.

Mr. JS Wong, CEO of SendQuick Pte Ltd, said: “SendQuick recognizes that FIDO2-capable YubiKey’s hardware-based solution is both convenient and simple to use. This added protection highly fortifies the digital environment for companies aiming to strengthen their remote access authentication and security.” 

SendQuick Conexa’s robust and trusted MFA solution is now available at