sendQuick is RansNet’s preferred 2FA OTP messaging platform

Apr 7, 2020

Talariax’s sendQuick is pushed further into the limelight as Singapore’s hottest WiFi hotspot provider forges a strategic alliance.

Singapore, Apr 7, 2020 ( – Singapore, 8 April 2020 – RansNet has officially chosen sendQuick as their preferred platform for the delivery of 2FA one-time passwords (OTP) to users’ mobile phones. The company provides integrated WiFi hotspot solutions to businesses such as restaurants, hotels, banks, hospitals and airports in Singapore. RansNet enables businesses to monetize their WiFI networks, creating a new revenue generation stream, by allowing partner advertising agencies to deliver targeted ads to the devices of hotspot users.

RansNet is predominantly focused on providing secure access to the users of the WiFi networks that rely on the infrastructure on which they were set up. A user that visits their preferred restaurant or hotel, for example, can register their mobile phone number at their location. An OTP will be sent via sendQuick to their devices via an out-of-band SMS (text message). Users may also opt to receive their OTPs through social messenger apps (Whatsapp, Facebook or Telegram for example) and team collaboration tools (Slack, Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams).

sendQuick’s developer, TalariaX, has made great strides in recent years in making the platform better integrated and feature-rich. sendQuick relies on cutting-edge mobile messaging technologies and is built to be secure and ideal for us by distributed, mobile users. The platform is versatile, enabling the transmission of OTP with omnichannel messaging. Because it runs on the cloud, it is cost-effective and highly scalable, making it the preferred choice of enterprises everywhere.

“TalariaX is very strategic, which complements our business in a way. We can see many opportunities ahead and create more exceptional value-added services to our customers together,“ says Mr. Paul Hui, Director of Channel Development at RansNet.

Both TalariaX and RansNet stand to benefit from this alliance – both in terms of sales and customer growth but also having its systems operate in different operational environments.

“We are always pushing the boundaries by setting high standards for ourselves and exploring how we can extend the functionalities of sendQuick. This is a great opportunity for us. We wish to uphold the trust that RansNet has in us and exceed the expectations they have set for us,” Says TalariaX CEO, Mr. JS Wong.

The sendQuick mobile messaging platform is highly scalable and includes a host of features which means that its users get 2FA OTPs swiftly, securely and the platform delivers exceptional business value.

About TalariaX Pte Ltd

TalariaX™ develops and offers enterprise mobile messaging solutions for improving business workflow and productivity. Our range of business mobile messaging solutions is geared towards helping companies to easily deploy messaging solutions for all enterprise applications. They include IT Alerts & Notifications, Secure Remote Access via 2-Factor Authentication, Emergency & Broadcast Messaging, Business Process Automation and System Availability Monitoring.

Our key product, sendQuick, is an enterprise grade messaging gateway, available on appliances, virtual machines and cloud services. sendQuick is used by over 2,500 corporations, including many Fortune Global 500 companies, in 50 countries across various industry verticals.

About RansNet Singapore Pte Ltd

RansNet is a company specialized in HotSpot & SD-WAN Technology with years of in-house R&D to build seamless technologies in the networking world of the internet.

RansNet’s solutions have helped many business owners to fully utilize their Wi-Fi infrastructure while providing a great experience for the customers with secure internet connectivity. The solutions include Wi-Fi monetization as another source of revenue with branding ability and easy connection over any WAN that improves business productivity, end-user quality of experience and increases business capability with lower costs.

Today, RansNet has empowered millions of logins daily and managed to grow its partners’ locally and abroad to support thousands of businesses. Its pool of customers includes the airport, banks, retail and F&B, hospitalities, tourisms, government agencies and educational institutions.

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