SendQuick’s CEO shares rationale behind new brand identity

24 Aug 2022
Providing solutions: Wong says the company is continuing to develop messaging systems on a global basis.


PETALING JAYA: Last month, SendQuick Sdn Bhd’s headquarters in Singapore, TalariaX Pte Ltd, announced that they have officially rebranded to SendQuick Pte Ltd, with effect from 1 July 2022, to streamline its global presence under one unified corporate branding and identity.

Since its inception in Malaysia in November 2002, SendQuick has been known and respected for the depth of its experience in enterprise messaging solutions.

Chief executive officer Wong Jeat Shyan said: “When SendQuick first started, enterprise messaging solutions were still considered a nascent technology.

“We recognised how enterprise messaging solutions could provide a competitive edge to companies and have strived to develop innovative products for our clients, in line with the technological advancements over the last 20 years.”

SendQuick is dedicated to continuing to expand and enhance its range of products and services within the region. Clients can always expect the same quality of service from the brand.

“I have witnessed the growth of messaging solutions, from simple SMS alerts to multi-channels like Whatsapp, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, voice calls and others.

“Besides alerts for IT systems, our customers now use our solutions to notify us of faults in smart buildings, equipment and even manufacturing lines,” Wong added.

With SendQuick’s messaging solutions, businesses can streamline their business processes, increase productivity levels and unlock their full potential for growth.

Some of the solutions offered by the company include IT alerts and notifications, security and multi-factor authentication, business process automation and enterprise messaging broadcast.

All of these SendQuick solutions are designed to protect the privacy and security of corporate data, while minimising inconvenience during unanticipated system outages.

These outages can be triggered by a sudden cyber attack, power failure or human error, resulting in unexpected issues.

SendQuick has been providing a wide range of future-proof enterprise mobility solutions for on-premise and cloud platforms.

The company has since worked with thousands of corporations across various industries worldwide, such as public utilities, governments, healthcare, finance, retail, education and more.

“From our humble beginnings, we are now a global brand that has worked with thousands of corporations in over 40 countries.

“The digital landscape is innovating and transforming at an exponential rate.

“At SendQuick, we encourage our employees to rethink traditional ways of doing things and to take the initiative to implement new ideas they have in mind. We believe that empowered employees will ultimately benefit our clients in discovering unique solutions that can take their communications to the next level,” said Wong.

SendQuick’s rebranding aims to continue to provide excellent enterprise mobility management services, while also working closely with all of its clients to transform its digital communication systems.

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