TalariaX partners with SpringUp Capital to offer cloud availability solutions for startups and SMEs

31 Mar 2021

Singapore, 31 March 2021 – TalariaX is pleased to announce that it has partnered with SpringUp Capital, a micro venture capital fund and a scale-up accelerator, to offer sendQuick Cloud’s suite of monitoring tools for startups and SME’s under the SpringUp Capital bandwagon.    

The partnership between TalariaX and SpringUp Capital comes at an opportune time, where companies need to have a robust digital strategy in order to engage with customers due to the rapid acceleration of digitalisation during the Covid-19 period.

Success in the digital space is heavily reliant on a two key factors: resources and availability. Startups always have to maximize their resources while having a customer-centric approach, which focuses on adding value for the customer and providing world-class customer support. The challenge for cost-conscious startups is to find affordable solutions that can ensure the high availability of their applications.

sendQuick Cloud’s suite of monitoring tools help SpringUp Capital’s portfolio startups to maintain the high availability of their services in a cost effective manner.

“TalariaX has been at the forefront of the Enterprise messaging space for over 2 decades catering to Enterprise clients. SpringUp brings a hitherto untapped market of startups to the table. TalariaX has just rolled out cloud based offerings, making it palatable for small and agile organizations to adopt this SAAS based model at a cost effective price to ensure uptime and availability of their infrastructure, and fulfilling their enterprise messaging requirements,” said Santosh Kotnis, CEO & Managing Partner of SpringUp Capital.




“This partnership comes at a time when there is a conducive environment for startups to flourish with government assistance and experienced incubators assisting them to establish and accelerate their presence in the global marketplace. We look forward to working closely with Springup to facilitate their vision and those of the startups they mentor,” said Mr JS Wong, TalariaX CEO.


Startups who are interested in utilizing the sendQuick Cloud solution can enter the validation code “springup” in the sign-up form.

About TalariaX Pte Ltd

TalariaX™ develops and offers enterprise mobile messaging solutions for improving business workflow and productivity. Our range of business mobile messaging solutions is geared towards helping companies to easily deploy messaging solutions for all enterprise applications. They include IT Alerts & Notifications, Secure Remote Access via 2-Factor Authentication, Emergency & Broadcast Messaging, Business Process Automation and System Availability Monitoring. 

Our key product, sendQuick, is an enterprise grade messaging gateway, available on appliances, virtual machines and cloud services. sendQuick is used by over 2,500 corporations, including many Fortune Global 500 companies, in 50 countries across various industry verticals.

About SpringUP Capital

SpringUp Capital is a Micro-VC fund and Scale-Up Accelerator; focusing on spotting, funding, mentoring and scaling start-ups. Supported by strong accelerator program, SpringUp enables start-ups across the world to find market to scale across India, APAC, Europe and North American markets. SpringUp brings a more engaged execution model with our portfolio companies; where we work with startups to define strategy, drive product-market fit, help define funding strategy and make those all important business connections to accelerate startup’s global growth.

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