Boost Remote Access Security with Check Point and SendQuick

Optimizing Security for Your SendQuick ASP Account

At SendQuick, we believe in providing the best service to our customers. This includes implementing best practices to protect our customers’ interests.  Following Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) guideline for better SMS communications and our own commitment to make your messaging experience better, we are rolling out additional measures to enhance better messaging security with your SendQuick ASP SMS cloud account.

What are the new measures and what steps do you need to take? These new mesasures include additional filtering that will help our customers reduce cost and send messages more proficiently. These steps are explained below and may require input from our customers.

1. Reducing SMS Cost and Wastage with Country Whitelisting

There had been occasions where our customers sent messages to ‘unintended’ countries due to phone number errors and other reasons. This resulted in unnecessary expenses and costs to you. To reduce these costs, we are taking an initiative to allow you to whitelist the correct country destinations that you wish to send messages to. These whitelisted countries will be the countries that your application service usually sends messages to your customers.

We appreciate if you can share a list of countries you usually send SMS to, through filling in the form below. By doing this, we will ensure your messages only go where you want them to be sent, by whitelisting these countries at our end.

What if you are not sure of the countries to whitelist?

If you have not decided which country to whitelist and could not fill in the form below at this point in time, it is fine. We will continue to enable you to send messages to all the country codes that you usually send to, as per normal.

In future, if you have some countries that you wish to add to the whitelist, just let us know and we will add in the whitelist for you, anytime.

Please fill in the form below and indicate the country or countries which you want to whitelist, so that your messages can be sent as scheduled.

2.   Ensuring Messaging Integrity with Application IP whitelisting for SendQuick ASP Accounts

Another measure to protect your messaging application and SMS account is to ensure that only authorised applications can send the messages. This is done by IP whitelisting of your applications on SendQuick ASP platform. We will whitelist the Application IP Address to your SendQuick ASP account after you provide us with the IP addresses associated with your account. This ensures only authorised applications can send SMS and block all unauthorised applications. You can submit more than one IP per ASP account.

If you have more than one SendQuick ASP account, do provide the specific IP addresses used to send messages from each account, in the form below. We will whitelist the IP addresses for each ASP account you provide, to help you safeguard the usage of your messaging application.

Please note: This step is not required if you are using the web portal or email to SMS.

3.   Reducing Messaging Wastage and Fraud with Global Country Blacklist

As part of our ongoing commitment to safeguard your interests, we are taking proactive measures to help all our customers reduce messaging costs by prohibiting the sending of messages to unauthorised countries from any inaccurate or erroneous phone numbers. This is done with our Global Country Blacklist.

This additional layer of checking is implemented to protect our customers. The Global Country Blacklist consists of countries that are not usually sent by our customers and usually incur high SMS costs. However, if you wish to send to these countries, you can just list them in the country whitelist form (as described in point 1 above) and your service will be operational as normal.

This additional layer of checking gives you peace of mind, as you can be assured that we are helping you to optimise cost. We allow you to focus on what matters most – connecting with your audience.

If you have any questions on this Global Country Blacklist, please contact your SendQuick Account Manager or you may send your enquiry to

4.   Future Proof Your Messaging Platform: Implementation of Intelligent Message Recognition (Future Plan)

We are working hard for you and planning new strategies to make your messaging more effective, by implementing intelligent message recognition through the identification of messages based on velocity (the same number of messages sent in a short period of time) and country velocity (the number of countries where messages are sent in a short period of time).

These measures are to protect our customers’ SendQuick ASP account from sending any unintended messages due to programming errors, scripting issues or bot attack by unauthorised parties.

These new measures will be implemented progressively from May 2024. We will keep you posted once these features are released.

These features are implemented without cost to our customers.

We appreciate your cooperation in order to implement these measures successfully. Please take the next step by providing the necessary information (eg. SendQuick ASP account, country whitelist and Application IP address) through the link below.

Secure my ASP account

Frequently Asked Questions

Your ASP account is your API account name which you use to send messages. If you are unsure, you can just enter your company name in the form provided.

You are still able to send SMS through SendQuick ASP as per normal, just that we have enhanced an additional layer of protection to prevent you to send SMS to unintended countries.

However, if you give us a whitelist of countries, we can help you ensure that your messages are sent to the right countries you have originally planned for.

We highly encourage you to whitelist the countries. However, if you choose not to whitelist, your messages will still get sent as per normal.

To ensure smooth operations, please fill in the form above and let us know which countries you want to whitelist, to send your messages to.

Please submit all your ASP accounts in the form above, as well as the IP addresses associated with each account. We will proceed to whitelist the IP addresses for each ASP account.