Revolutionize Excellence in Banking and FSI Industry with SendQuick

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    The Banking And Financial Services Industry (FSI)

    The banking & FSI industry is required to meet strict compliance and governance laws to protect customer information and sensitive transactions. They also need to conduct their daily business efficiently, cost-competitively, while providing excellent customer service.

    Banks and FSIs often prioritize enhancing their client’s experience. To accomplish this, they may seek to streamline their processes, enabling them to remain competitive in the market and offer an improved client journey or experience.

    Challenges in Banking And Financial Services Industry (FSI)

    While providing convenience to clients with digitization of financial services, the industry is increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, which can result in data breaches and financial losses. Therefore, it is crucial to keep key cybersecurity IT personnel informed timely through alerts and notifications once any security breach is detected, to mitigate or eliminate such cyber attacks. Ensuring clients’ secure remote access to their personal account data, fortified by robust multi-factor authentication, provides clients with the confidence that their personal and financial information is safeguarded.

    The Solution

    By implementing SendQuick, banks and FSIs can leverage our solutions to enhance communication, provide secure remote access, deliver timely notifications, and target their messaging effectively, ultimately improving the best experience for their clients.

    Financial Institution

    • Improve operations efficiency
    • Achieve greater accountability and reputation with better security
    • Clearer overall visibility for internal communications

    Message Filter System

    • Better efficiency in managing and reporting
    • Flexibility to reach out to niche group of clientele
    • Maximize resources with business process automation


    • Focus on better customer service with greater interaction
    • Improved staff productivity
    • Facilitation of bank operational procedures


    • Enhanced banking experience with more efficient service
    • Updated on latest bank offerings
    • Gains clients’ trust and confidence

    SendQuick is the ideal solution for the banking & FSI industry to ensure clients’ secure remote access to personal account data.

    The Bank and FSI Experience with SendQuick

    Improve Your Operations Efficiency

    Automate administrative tasks which allows you to prioritize customer-centric services. SendQuick solutions can integrate with CRM applications or function as standalone messaging platforms with multi-factor authentication for securing remote access, all managed from a single dashboard.

    Reduce Your Customer Risk Exposure

    Secure messaging without internet dependency, thus reducing cyber threats. Our authentication solution enables secure transactions without tokens or client-ware.

    Escalate Your IT Responsiveness To Outages

    Deliver instant alerts and notifications via omnichannel social messengers, SMS, email, voice, which enables staff’s rapid response to IT outages. This minimizes operational disruptions and safeguards reputation and profitability.

    Boost Client Interaction

    Enhance organization and customer engagement by managing appointments, notifications, reminders, and offering two-way messaging. This interactivity significantly improves customer experiences.

    Enhance Your Marketing Outreach

    Utilize a unified messaging platform for marketing teams to send concise messages to all mobile devices, resulting in a higher open-read rate. Ideal for banks and FSIs seeking to maintain communication with customers.

    Lower Your Carbon Footprint

    Send paperless reminders and notifications to customers, saving time and money with concise, effective messages. Also facilitates obtaining acknowledgements and approvals.