You are currently viewing SMS is more efficient than Emails for use in business. Here’s why

SMS is more efficient than Emails for use in business. Here’s why

Did you know sending an SMS text is the faster way of broadcasting marketing messages or sending alerts to staff and customers. Here’s why:

  1. Delivery and response time is faster using SMS technology, especially when user is travelling
  2. 160 character limit in SMS texts ensures concise message delivery
  3. 90% recipients read the SMS within minutes of delivery
  4. SMS texts are free of virus or malware as against emails being prone to be infected with it
  5. Time-sensitive and critical information is delivered instantly via SMS as phone is always on
  6. 80% people are using SMS texting for business and 15% use it for sending more than half their messages for business purposes

Why choose sendQuick?

sendQuick has a range of solutions to address critical business needs including, privacy and confidentiality, security, business process automation, marketing & emergency broadcasting and system availability monitoring.

  1. Easy to deploy Plug & Play appliance
  2. Real-time Out-of-band delivery (SMS is sent via SIM card obtained from local Telco)
  3. Automated Escalation with 2-way SMS
  4. API integration to any application
  5. User web interface for broadcast messaging
  6. Send messages instantly via SMS, Emails and Instant messenger apps such as Facebook, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Slack, and Telegram.

Thousands of clients across 50 countries (includes many Fortune 500) worldwide use sendQuick Omni-Channel Gateway. Drop us an email to request for a product demo!