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Dragon Steel Corporation Case Study

As sqoope comes with four message status indicators, (sent, read, delivered and acknowledged) the message delivery channel can be tracked in real-time

About Dragon Steel Corporation

Dragon Steel Corporation (中龍鋼鐵股份有限公司) produces and sells steel products in Taiwan. Founded in 1993 and is based in Taichung, Taiwan, Dragon Steel Corporation operates as a subsidiary of China Steel Corporation (中鋼公司) – one of the top 30 steel manufacturers in the world.


To ensure message delivery, lower messaging costs, and retain history of alerts and notification from on-premise network monitoring system

Dragon Steel was struggling to receive IT alerts & notifications in a timely and reliable way. Its notification platform was also strained under the ever increasing enterprise applications leveraging the existing platform to send out messages affecting the profitability and productivity.

Hence, the Company had the following business needs:

A centralised notification multi-channel platform which could send timely critical alerts to the IT team in event of network downtime to enable the team to respond quickly and mitigate loss of data.
A scalable solution which could support the expanding usage of applications leveraging a unified platform to send out alerts.
Harnessing the technology of messaging apps to share information to help lower the high telecommunication charges.


SendQuick & Sqoope Integration

TalariaX has deployed its multi-channel messaging platforms – sendQuick and sqoope to address Dragon Steels’ business challenges appropriately. With the deployment of these two integrated servers as the central notification platform, the Company’s IT team now receives instant messaging updates whenever critical IT Alerts are generated. The alerts are received via instant messaging (sqoope) with the intelligence to auto-route through SMS (sendQuick) in absence of network connectivity.

As sqoope comes with four message status indicators, (sent, read, delivered and acknowledged) the message delivery channel can be tracked in real-time, guaranteeing message delivery as well as an acknowledgement from the recipient on viewing it. The High Availability feature of sendQuick ensures that messages are delivered swiftly with minimum disruption during downtime and optimises network uptime.

2-way messaging with multi-level reminder and escalation to ensure message acknowledgment

Multi-channel messaging capability through 3G, Wi-Fi, and SMS

Secure messaging with private server on premise; chats are encrypted and logged on server for archival


Improved Responsiveness, Lower TCO, and High ROI

Post SendQuick and sqoope deployment, the Company found an increase in their operational efficiency and experienced substantial cost savings on its telco charges. Their IT team is now able to respond quickly saving critical time and minimising disruption.

As sqoope is being used as the default channel for sending alerts via instant messaging the need for sending out SMS texts has also significantly reduced resulting in lower telco charges. With proven efficiency of this implementation, they are considering a similar roll-out for their other business applications.

Yi Chao Lin, Engineer Dragon Steel Corporation

Agility in responding during system downtime is critical to our business and it is of utmost importance that our IT team gets notified on time whenever there is a disruption. TalariaX is the right partner for us as their messaging gateways - sqoope and sendQuick are very reliable and deliver a high-performance value. Using TalariaX’s products has overall improved the effectiveness of our IT operations and we now plan to integrate it with other business applications.