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International Specialist Eye Centre

Patients are happy to receive timely reminders via the non-intrusive sms service.

About ISEC Malaysia

International Specialist Eye Centre (ISEC) Malaysia is a leading eye centre in Kuala Lumpur, which provides world-class facility in eye-care that is affordable to the local and regional community.

The doctors at ISEC hold impressive credentials and they are among the leading eyes surgeons in Malaysia. For more information, please visit www.isec.my


To find an affordable and efficient solution to enhance communications for patient-services

Besides having a world-class medical facility, ISEC Malaysia recognises the importance and need to provide excellent patient services. One persistent problem they face is the over-booking of appointments and no-shows as patients may forget about their appointments. ISEC began to look for a solution that could provide a low-cost, fast, and accurate way to remind patients of their appointments as well as collect patient data from time to time.

With the prevalent use of mobile phones and the convenience of mobile SMS, ISEC was convinced that using sms services will help to meet their objectives. But which solution to choose?


SendQuick Entera

ISEC evaluated a list of options such as installing vendor-softwares, sending sms via data transfer to telco operator and sendQuick sms appliance. Installing vendor-software runs the risk of conflicts to existing system and may require extensive manpower for troubleshooting and maintenance. Sending data to telcos presents a security breach which may compromise patient information.

sendQuick Entera, a true appliance sms server became their preferred choice. Deployed in their internal environment, sendQuick Entera preserved data security. The solution is a fully automated system – using an ODBC database connection to their Patient Information System, data such as patient name, mobile number and appointment date/time is retrieved to send sms reminders to patients 4-days before their appointments. The data never leaves their office and information confidentiality is maintained.

Fully automated using ODBC connections to retrieve data from current Patient Information System to send reminders

Enhanced security as the system is installed in their office; patient records are not compromised

Patients like sms-reminders as it is non-intrusive and useful to have the sms saved in their mobile phones


Efficient communications to patients at lower total cost of ownership

After the deployment of sendQuick Entera, there is a marked improvement in patient attendance and a more efficient scheduling of appointments with the reduction of no-shows, Patients are happy to receive timely reminders via the non-intrusive sms service. Overall efficiency is enhanced as staff members need not spend time to repeatedly call patients if they are unreachable.

The investment in sendQuick Entera has resulted in a quick ROI with immediate improvement in patient-services and higher work efficiency.

Dr. Wong Jun Shyon Medical Director,ISEC

"Managing patient appointments and reminders is so much easier with sendQuick Entera. The fully automated system frees up our resources for other areas which translates to lower total costs. Patient satisfaction has also improved as patients like such sms-reminder service."