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Prudential Asset Management

Seamless Integration Of All IT Monitoring Activities From Infrastructure To Applications Under One Umbrella On A 24x7 Basis

About Prudential Asset Management

Prudential Asset Management (Singapore) Limited (PAM Singapore), is a fund management company started out in 1989 as the investment arm of Prudential's Singapore insurance operations.


To Provide Continual IT Infrastructure & Application Services Uptime

Prudential Asset Management (Prudential) has a mission critical IT infrastructure that supports the business function of the group in Singapore and regional countries. As the infrastructure needs to have continuous uptime, Prudential has implemented a simple SMS alert function, to inform the technical staff when there is a failure. This SMS is alert function is done by routing email messages of the failure to their mobile operator, who will then convert the emails into SMS and sent out to the technical staff.

This method of sending alerts is very unstable as it is dependent on the reliability and uptime of Prudential’s Internet networks through their dedicated leased line, as well as the mobile operator’s email services. Due to the requirement of high reliability and stability of the SMS messaging, Prudential realized they need to have a better solution. Prudential chose SendQuick Alert server to meet those needs.


SendQuick Alert

SendQuick Alert server is a plug-and-play system that can be integrated to all IT security and infrastructure that supports emails alerts. The SendQuick Alert server will process and convert the email alert messages to SMS. In addition, the selective message filter mechanism allows only important messages to be sent as SMS, which reduces the disturbance to the IT support team.

The IT team thus enjoys mobility and minimal disturbances, yet can be reached effectively and quickly when needed. SendQuick alert was deployed within the LAN infrastructure, which eliminates the dependency on leased line and other Internet connections. This has increased the reliability of the alert messages. Moreover, SendQuick Alert has a built-in SMTP gateway providing a back-up SMTP for the infrastructure. SendQuick Alert was deployed within a week and the maintenance-free system reduces the system administration resource requirement.

Immediate SMS alert to the technical staff reduces response time and improves system uptime (ROI)

SMS system within the LAN environment increased reliability and the SMS messaging is not dependant on other networks

Reduce support cost (TCO) as SendQuick Alert is zero maintenance system


Improved response time to IT events and high uptime for core services

SendQuick Alert has created a greater stability and reliability in the messaging alert communication for Prudential. Prudential need not worry about the availability of their leased line and Internet as the SMS messages will be sent regardless of their availability.

The SMS messages are sent very quickly to inform the various IT personnel immediately whenever the system experiences an unplanned downtime. This has improved response rate to deal with IT-related incidents and reduce downtime. In fact, the ROI is achieved in a very short period, making SendQuick Alert a very good investment for Prudential. Today the SendQuick Alert is a key system in Prudential’s total IT planning and infrastructure.

Mr. R.Gopalakrishnan Director of IT

"SendQuick Alert enabled us to get a seamless integration of all IT monitoring activities from infrastructure to applications under one umbrella on a 24x7 basis. As this appliance has its own SMTP/SMS server we did not have any dependency on our existing SMTP server. This appliance enabled us to provide a pro-active IT support for the business lines."