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Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort

A Way To Inform The Engineers Anytime And Anywhere

About Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort

Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort is the only resort in Singapore with a beachfront location on Sentosa Island overlooking the South China Sea. Situated on Siloso Beach, the resort aims to be the destination of choice for both business and leisure travellers.

With 454 beautifully appointed guestrooms that comes with a private balcony and a view of the hills, garden, pool or sea, guests can enjoy the lush, natural surroundings.


To provide 24x7 uptime in critical IT infrastructure

As a 5-star resort that provides world-class service standards, Rasa Sentosa Resort understands it needs to continually uphold the standards to delight the customer. The standards do not just include front-office guest relations, but it also means having an uninterrupted IT infrastructure at the backend. As IT infrastructure is at the core of the hotel services, it is crucial to maintain continuous uptime.

Even though Rasa Sentosa Resort has an existing network monitoring system to watch for IT events, that alone is not enough. The network monitoring system triggers an email to the respective IT engineer in the event of an IT interruption. However the response time from the engineer may not be fast enough, especially if the event happens during non-office hours. Rasa Sentosa Resorts needs a way to inform the engineers at anytime and anywhere. Thus came the idea of using SMS-alerts, as it is both efficient and effective and at a relatively low-cost.


SendQuick Entera

After assessing a few solutions, Rasa Sentosa Resort chose sendQuick Entera. Being a true appliance SMS server, sendQuick Entera is easy to set up and virtually maintenance free. sendQuick Entera is integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and supports the email alerts from the network monitoring system. sendQuick Entera converts the email messages and sends them out as SMS to the respective engineers. The selective message filter allows only important messages to be sent as SMS, thus reducing unnecessary SMS disturbances.

Deployed in their internal environment, sendQuick Entera eliminates the need for leased line and other Internet connections, to send out the alerts. With a built-in SMTP gateway, sendQuick Entera also acts as a back-up SMTP for the infrastructure.

Fully automated and browser based. Connected to existing SAP to receive data for sending SMS

Enhanced security as the system is installed in their office; patient records are not compromised

Patients like sms-reminders as it is non-intrusive and useful to have the sms saved in their mobile phones for easy reference


Improved response time to IT events and high uptime for core services

After the deployment of sendQuick Entera, there was a marked improvement in response time to IT events. Specifically, since the server room is not manned 24 hours, using sendQuick Entera has allowed engineers to be mobile and yet respond quickly when needed. Overall uptime of the IT infrastructure is increased which translates to better front-end customer service as core services are less disrupted by the downtime in backend IT infrastructure.

The investment in sendQuick Entera has resulted in a quick ROI with immediate improvement in work efficiency.

IT Manager Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort

"sendQuick Entera has greatly boost our response time to IT events. Before using sendQuick Entera, we only relied on the email alerts from our network monitoring system which we realised is not fast enough for us. We want to stay highly responsive in keeping with our image and service standards of a 5-star resort hotel. "