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Tenet Insurance

sendQuick Entera was an immediate success as we are better able to respond to alerts and reduce downtime thus improving customer service.

About Tenet Insurance

Part of the Singapore story since 1957, Tenet Insurance provides a broad spectrum of general insurance products and services ranging from personal insurance for individuals and families, to business insurance for companies.

Its parent company, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc, is one of Japan's leading insurance service providers with offices and subsidiaries in more than 25 countries and regions outside Japan and provides a comprehensive range of risk and asset management solutions. Sompo Japan was recognized as one of the "Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World" by the World Economic Forum in 2009 and 2010.


To Provide Continual IT Infrastructure & Application Services Uptime

As a reputable service-minded insurance company, it is important for Tenet Insurance to maintain superior customer service not merely via human interaction methods, but also via digital channels that can be brought about by continual IT system and application uptime.

Before sendQuick Entera, Tenet Insurance relied on manual monitoring or email alerts which took time. As a result, the IT team were usually late in finding and resolving issues arising from infrastructure breakdown and application availability. This resulted in delayed availability of IT systems and applications. Short Messaging Service (SMS) was identified as a solution to provide quick and reliable IT alerts to increase response time and thus reduce system and application downtime.


SendQuick Entera

Tenet Insurance chose sendQuick Entera after assessing other options due to a few key considerations. Firstly, sendQuick Entera was quick to implement which would not take up unnecessary time and effort that could be spent on more pertinent matters. Secondly, sendQuick Entera was easy to integrate with other systems or applications which was a huge benefit as changing existing systems which would have been troublesome and costly. Thirdly, as a dedicated appliance based SMS gateway, sendQuick Entera was able to provide the reliability and stability Tenet Insurance required.

Finally, as there were no limits to the number of users coupled with useful features including 2-way messaging and general SMS broadcasting, sendQuick Entera presented Tenet Insurance with an overall cost effective and value added solution.

Reliable appliance based gateway

Quick Implementation to save time and money

IT personnel can better respond to alerts and reduce potential downtime


Improved response time to IT events and high uptime for core services

After using sendQuick Entera, immediate success was felt as Tenet Insurance was better able to respond to alerts quickly and significantly reduce downtime. On the whole, overall uptime of the IT infrastructure along with application services have improved significantly.

The investment in sendQuick Entera has enabled Tenet Insurance to reduce downtime on operations dependent on backend IT systems which translates to improving the general customer service provided to their clients.

Lim Koon Chai CIO, Tenet Insurance Company Ltd

"Before sendQuick Entera, we relied on manual monitoring or email alerts instead of SMS alerts. As a result, response time to IT issues can be delayed significantly. As a customer centric organization, we aim to provide the best user experience for our clients. SendQuick Entera was an immediate success as we are better able to respond to alerts and reduce downtime thus improving customer service."