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Top 3 Reasons why Your Email Alerts are Sabotaging your Business

Businesses invest thousands of dollars annually to monitor the health of their systems, servers and networks. This means that the average IT manager is faced with the mammoth task of monitoring multiple platforms and devices at the same time.

Having email alerts can be overwhelming, and time is wasted wading through hundreds if not thousands of email messages each day to get to the root cause of any issue. Not only does this mean that precious time is wasted, but one also runs the risk of missing out on critical notifications that require immediate attention.

While companies have mostly relied on email alerts as the primary form of crisis notification, this format is proven to be slow and inefficient.

Here are 3 reasons why email alerts are detrimental to your business:

1. Slow response time

Between spams and work-related emails that gets bombarded into your inbox, it’s hard to track critical alerts that require immediate attention. According to a research by Gartner, an hour of system downtime can easily cost you $140,000 to $540,000. As such, it is important to receive alerts that reach the intended party immediately via notifications through SMS or other social messaging platforms, for example.

2. Difficulty in assigning tasks to persons in charge

So, you and your team members have received a critical alert via your emails. Who is to be responsible for handling this outstanding issue? Time-critical incidents require prompt responses from the IT team. The last thing one needs is to have time wasted by team members who are unsure about who is in charge of the situation and if someone else is already on top of it.

3. Lack of status visibility for the team

Once someone is finally working on the incident, the team needs to be updated on the status of the crisis. This information will be important not only to the IT teams, but also managers, directors and even stakeholders within the company. Email notification, therefore, does not provide these key members of the organisation the information they need to make quick, and decisive actions that could make or break the company.

Instead of slow and old-fashioned email notifications, businesses need real-time notifications to promote faster response times. sendQuick’s Notification Management Platform not only provides alerts through your favourite social messengers but can also be directed to specific teams and team members.

This means that the right people are notified of any system downtimes at all times, therefore protecting your business from catastrophic financial losses and promote customer satisfaction.