Transform Your Facility Management with SendQuick!

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    Are you tired of dealing with the complexities of managing a large facility like a shopping mall, manufacturing plant, or factory? Are you looking for a solution that can streamline your operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency?

    Look no further than a robust building management system from SendQuick! We integrate various building systems such as lighting, security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lift operations, all into a single platform for easy monitoring and control!

    The Facility Management Experience with SendQuick

    Building & Facility Management Industry

    Key Benefits of SendQuick:

    Robust System

    Integrates with various systems to give a centralized view of all building and facility messages.

    Message Filter System

    Filters unnecessary noise, and allows important alerts via email, SNMP and Syslog to single and/or multiple users (rule-based SMS).


    Automatically escalates unacknowledged alerts to the next appropriate employee or level of authority.

    Real-time Alert Notification

    Provides instant notifications to relevant employees when specific thresholds are met, or when issues are detected by monitoring tools.

    Seamless Integration

    Supports different devices and sensors (eg. Security Alarm, Internal Temperature, Solar Power Supply, Water PH Level, Hydroponics Technology).

    Rostering and User Management

    Manages employees in groups, facilitating automated alert distribution based on predefined roles and responsibilities. It also controls access to sensitive information and sends notifications through preferred communication channels.

    So, why wait? Contact SendQuick today to learn more about how SendQuick can help you manage your facility easily, efficiently and cost-effectively!