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3 reasons why companies should use omnichannel messaging

The A2P business messaging landscape has undergone a transformation with the rising popularity of instant messengers as a preferred mode of communications amongst end users. Today, omnichannel messaging means the ability to send messages to customers via multiple communication channels – SMS, Email and Instant Messenger apps, ensuring cohesive cross-channel messaging. This means engaging customers bi-directionally on their preferred choice of the communication channel with the ability to allow them to pick up the conversation on another medium.

Furthermore, it should guarantee message delivery with SMS as auto fall-back route. It should capture historical transactions of each user and churn out reports on engagement to enable businesses to make better-informed decisions. Here’s why companies should adopt omnichannel messaging:

  1. Customer Retention: 
    Giving the customer the option to engage in their choice of messaging channel and making the user experience seamless and fluid leads to customer retention. It creates a positive brand recall and creates future brand ambassadors

  2. Unified Communication: 
    It simplifies the marketing and broadcasting of A2P messaging. Instead of having to manage disparate, disjointed communication channels, the adoption of omnichannel messaging allows companies to unify communication without the risk of customer disengagement

  3. Business decision making:
    With seamless cross-channel communication, companies can better manage and record customer journey/conversations enabling them to capture and peruse the historical user transactions to a make informed decision when devising business strategies and directions.

TalariaX has built a unified platform (sendQuick) for businesses to integrate with all messenger platforms using a single API. Companies can leverage sendQuick’s multi-channel messaging capability to send out messages via the relevant instant messenger app, Email and SMS (in case of network failure).

This ensures a more interactive and spontaneous communication. sendQuick, also, has the unique ability to identify and engage customers through their preferred choice of social messenger(s) making it a user-friendly operating experience and simplifying communication.