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The Value SMS Gateways Bring To Business Communication

Businesses often find it a challenging task to properly manage their external and internal communications. From employees and customers to potential leads, juggling between many different conversations can be highly confusing and time-consuming. An SMS gateway in Singapore can address these common problems by bringing a direct, universal, and reliable communications channel. 

An SMS gateway enables organisations to send and receive SMS messages in multiple devices, which are then routed to mobile phone networks to best capitalise on the unparalleled open rate of SMS messages that can reach up to 98-99%, which significantly contrasts other mediums like email wherein only 20% are likely to read them. The advantages do not end there as we discuss four additional reasons why many industries choose to integrate an SMS gateway into their business communication platform.

1. Improved efficiency through automation

Responding to customer messages individually may be feasible for small-scale businesses but not for larger ones. With SMS marketing still indispensable in today’s marketing efforts, an SMS gateway allows organisations to automate sending and receiving messages which helps boost their overall workflow and significantly cut down on the use of manual labour. 

For instance, if a new user signs up to the business’s app or website, the integration can improve their experience in many ways, such as sending them OTP verification codes via SMS automatically, along with various pre-programmed messages like shipping updates, appointment reminders, and more. In addition, businesses have full control over other aspects like sending and receiving bulk messages and selecting SMS gateway service components, to name a few.

2. Quick and reliable

SMS is a mature technology that is now proven to be a robust communication channel and marketing tool, and conversations between businesses and their customers are a consistent and direct form of engagement that is highly reliable in contrast to other forms of communication like email, which are susceptible to spam.

SMS gateway integration lets organisations transmit hundreds of thousands of text messages in a matter of seconds from their system to the mobile devices of their target audience. It is also compatible with virtually all major platforms and applications used in managing business communications and can consolidate them into one functional unit and interface. 

3. Measurable analytics

With SMS gateway integration, businesses can easily track message processes like the status of messages such as sent and delivered, which are critical for things like real-time notifications and alerts to employees and customers. This enhanced tracking allows businesses to audit their SMS marketing and make the necessary improvements by analysing the data and key metrics from SMS marketing campaigns. Determining whether a campaign achieved its goals or not is essential to adjusting targets based on industry standards and more realistic examples.

4. Universal platform

SMS does not rely on internet connectivity to be effective, nor is it affected by accessibility issues such as regional blocking, which affect many of today’s popular instant messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. With over 7 billion mobile users and counting, penetration is at an all-time high, making an SMS gateway the unparalleled solution for connecting with target audiences.


Businesses need to leverage the maximum potential of their communication channels to attain commercial success. SMS gateway integration is among the ideal ways to achieve this with its low cost, high accessibility, and many other features that allow for an efficient way for organisations to stay in touch with their customers.

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