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Enterprise Messaging and Its Value to Business Operations

With the rapid introduction of new technologies, organisations and their operations are moving faster than ever. For instance, cloud-based tools that streamline sales processes, the supply chain, and customer support are helping enterprises skyrocket their efficiency and, ultimately, their bottom line as well. One of the most recent of such tools is enterprise broadcast messaging. 

This enterprise messaging solution helps automate and track workflows — two key ingredients to successful operations, especially in channels such as web forms, email, business chats and SMS. Since most people today spend a lot of time on their phone —around an average of 90 minutes a day according to a study — SMS has a high read rate of up to 98%. As such, enterprise broadcast messaging is ideal for workflows that require a timely response, typically in departments such as operations, sales, marketing, and, most importantly, customer service. 

Read on to learn the value that enterprise messaging solutions in Singapore adds to your business operations. 

Centralising Customer Service

Most enterprises that adopt enterprise broadcast messaging mainly use it to improve their customer service, which comes as no surprise given that 89% of consumers prefer the convenience of connecting with brands through messaging. In addition to catering to their target audience’s needs, enterprise broadcast messaging empowers customer service teams to:

  • Manage more chats simultaneously

Unlike other channels like phone calls which demand an agent’s undivided attention, enterprise SMS solutions can assist more customers at once through chat. Furthermore, they can quickly accomplish small extra tasks while waiting for a response, such as sending a delivery confirmation to a list. Afterwards, they can immediately return to the conversation.

  • Receive messages from different channels

One of the most notable advantages of enterprise messaging solutions is that they integrate with and receive messages from different channels, from SMS to other messaging platforms, all in one inbox. Customers, in turn, receive messages coming from those same channels.

  • Send custom messages in bulk

Businesses nowadays send customers all sorts of simple messages, from appointment reminders to order notifications. With enterprise messaging, they can also create more customised messages and audience segments to target the right messages to the right people for an effective yet personalised communications strategy.

  • Respond to queries quickly and accurately

The modern consumer now demands quick response times when they have questions they want answers to. Although chatbots help address this need, many still ask questions that only customer service agents can answer. Enterprise messaging software generally comes with automated routing that directs customers that use specific keywords to the right agent (for example, messages with the keyword “problem” are redirected to conflict resolution while “return” is handled by the returns department). This ensures they get accurate answers that quickly resolve their issues and improve their relationship with the brand.

  • Automate customer account management

Enterprise messaging solutions also empower customer service teams by integrating with Customer Relationship Management tools. Through this integration, customer data inputted in one system will automatically get updated in the other, which eliminates redundant or error-prone data management tasks.

Improving Marketing and Sales Processes

Enterprise messaging solutions also help marketing and sales teams improve their operations in many ways, such as:

  • Build relationships with customers

Thanks to automated business text message customisation, marketing teams can send out all kinds of content to the target audience with a personal touch. They can use lists to target relevant groups and reach out to customers with holiday greetings, industry-related tips, and other engaging and useful information. 

  • Engage the target audience in an authentic way

Since reviewing and managing messages has become easier than ever through enterprise SMS, it makes for a great channel for special marketing services. For instance, a flower shop business could provide a helpline for simple customer questions such as how to care for flowers or insider tips on arranging them beautifully. Brands that sell clothing could also do the same by offering a personalised stylist helpline. These small yet personal touches can be quickly managed through SMS and increase customer loyalty.

  • Naturally increase conversions

A study found that approximately 90% of leads prefer to be reached through SMS than calls. By offering text messages as a means of communication, sales teams can improve their chances of successfully contacting potential clients and empower them to boost conversions easily. Remember, your business grows when you engage customers!

Streamlining Dispatch and Operations

Enterprise SMS can also be used to help businesses manage their internal staff. Be it during emergencies or simple day-to-day workflows, business SMS can improve various aspects of an organisation’s dispatch and operations, particularly in:

  • In-field roadblocks

Businesses with dispatch teams encounter various problems in their work, from incorrect addresses and keycodes to unplanned construction and other unforeseen issues. Dispatch teams can use SMS instead of phone calls or email (which often get ignored or checked too late) to quickly check back for a solution. If operations team members cannot provide one yet, dispatch can relay it to the client. Since nearly all texts are read within three seconds of receipt, clients generally view and respond quickly, which prevents scheduling backup.

  • Scheduling

Operations teams can customise text messages regarding holidays, daily scheduling, and other important information to internal staff quickly and easily. They can also schedule when these messages are sent to ensure that employees receive critical communications exactly when they need them. 


Communication is a vital aspect of the success of modern businesses, be it within their organisation or outside of it with their customers. By leveraging the advantages of SMS, as discussed previously, businesses can improve various aspects of their operations, whether front-facing in their customer service or otherwise. 

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