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3 business communication trends that will follow us into 2022

Business communications have changed significantly over the last decade, and even more so since the pandemic in 2020. Social distancing restrictions and work from home measures forced businesses to take activities online, including all communications with customers, employees, and stakeholders. While the process of going digital was initially disorienting for many, a seamless online experience is now considered the standard that all businesses must have in order to be successful in the new digital economy.

With 2022 fast approaching, let’s look at some of the key business communication trends that will follow us into the new year.

#1: Direct communication with customers

In order to bridge the social and communication gap caused by the pandemic, businesses had to establish more direct communication channels with customers since 2020. This involved going beyond email and calls, and opening communication channels through popular messaging apps and workplace collaboration tools. By integrating apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more into a business’ communications ecosystem, it reduced the waiting time needed for customers to receive a response, and for businesses and customers to have more casual conversations online by cutting through the formalities. Furthermore, these channels also help employees and business stakeholders communicate more efficiently in a work-from-home environment, making them an important collaboration tool for companies moving forward. Direct, and even two-way communication has evolved beyond a marketing gimmick, and will become a crucial part of business communications in 2022.

#2 SMS continues to drive communications in 2022

Nine in ten people open their text messages, and more than 60% read them within five minutes – this provides compelling reason for SMS to continue its dominance in business communications. SMS is a popular channel for automated communications used by industries such as banking, e-commerce, education, along many others. It is a fuss-free mode of communication to convey quick information to ensure customers stay updated on service deliveries. In the new year, SMS will continue proving to be an important aspect of everyday communications between businesses and customers.

#3 The rise of AI-enabled chatbots

Develop AI-powered chatbot technology enables businesses to communicate effectively and at scale. In a digital first era, being immediately available and responsive to customers is a key differentiating factor in a highly saturated business environment. AI will be more widely adopted as a way to ensure customers and stakeholders receive prompt responses online.

The state of business communications have transformed significantly since 2020, and we can expect more exciting developments in the industry in the decade to come. What communication tools have you implemented, and what are you looking forward to in the next year?

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