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Redefining communications in a digitally transformed retail landscape

The retail industry is fast moving away from a brick and mortar focused approach, to focusing their efforts entirely on the digital storefront. This means that customers are shopping online at anytime and anywhere at their convenience, and customer service will have to shift from being available only during office hours, to providing a seamless digital customer service and engagement experience.

To do so, companies will have to adopt the right digital services that enables them to build deeper relationships and engagements with customers through a remote work and living environment. Instead of putting up store banners, retailers can send messages updating customers on the latest promotions. Retailers can also do more with digital communications, such as reminding customers on upcoming appointments, updating delivery dates, or sharing any changes in store opening hours.

A holistic communications ecosystem to integrate customer engagement throughout the digital landscape will push customer service to the next level.

Focusing and listening to customers

Do you know your customers’ preferred mode of communication? Do you know what updates they prefer to hear, and which ones they’d rather give a miss? Listening to what your customers want, and providing with the exact service they need, is a powerful way of building connections that last. sendQuick offers retailers the ability to connect with customers through popular social messaging platform such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram, Messenger and collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. The variety of channels available on our platform enables you to simplify how you manage your chat channels.

The right messaging

Clear and emotive messaging sets the tone for community engagement. When you speak the language of your consumers, you instantly build connections with them. In the digital retail space, where everyone is competing for attention, focus your efforts on refining what you should say, and how you should say it, and deliver that message consistently to your audience!

Know your audience, and target them

In the vast digital space, how do you identify, and target the people who will most likely interact with your brand? The first step is knowing who they are, and exactly what they want and need from your brand.

Direct your efforts at those who are listening, and you’ll find the most meaningful and productive engagements. Deliver excellent customer service – one that listens attentively and delivers solutions promptly. Turn your customers into brand champions, and influence them to help you spread the word about your brand! Create a connected and engaged target audience that is excited to hear from you, and wants others to know about you too! And when you use the right channels, you’ll be hearing back from customers and contacts who are equally excited for you to share about your offers too.