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Your business grows when your customers are engaged

Engaged customers are one of the key factors in having sustained business growth. These are customers who are your biggest fans. They want to know more from you, they want to reach out to you, and they will proactively spread the good word to those in their social circle about your business – the coveted word of mouth marketing!

Businesses can communicate and engage with customers through numerous channels both online and offline. And especially in the digital-first world today, the broad range of online channels allow companies to share rich content through various mediums, such as text, graphics, and videos.

The challenges of producing content for customer engagement

Producing content that is relevant to the audience, can capture their attention, and that can keep them coming back for more consistently will help you build up a repository of good quality content over time. While content is driven by the marketing department, it should also be crafted through a coordinated effort between different teams in the company.

However, in between product launches, product updates, sales season and other engagement touchpoints, marketers often struggle to deliver good content consistently. Instead, they have to spend extra time on administrative tasks, such as formatting text messages and emails, uploading materials, or even worse, manually sending messages out to customers.

This extra time can be saved through business process automation solutions that enables you to send real-time notifications to your customers automatically. Companies use sendQuick Enterprise and sendQuick Entera to automate messaging and communications with their customers across multiple platforms such as email, voice mail, and SMS. Our solutions also help to facilitate 2-way SMS conversations with your clients, enabling you to continue the conversation with engaged customers on a deeper level.

Kickstarting a multi-channel marketing campaign

With the ubiquity of mobile devices, and the use of various communication channels today, the ability to manage multiple channels of conversation is key in engaging customers on their preferred platform.

The power of a multi-channel, or omnichannel marketing campaign lies in being able to effectively integrate various social media and messaging platforms on a single interface. This allows marketers and brand managers to save time switching between platforms, and instead focus on what they do best.

sendQuick’s omnichannel marketing solution easily integrates with all applications, including ERP, CRM, monitoring systems, security systems and other network servers. With a single API for SMS and social messengers, it facilitates 2-way messaging with social messengers, among other features.

Harness the power of omnichannel marketing enabled by automation technologies today!