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Simple and cost effective solution to get critical IT alerts

Whether you have your IT systems and applications hosted on-premise or on cloud, the problem of system failure is very real and the need to respond quickly is critical to reduce or prevent downtime.

It could be security breaches, it could be resources reaching their limits, it could be hardware or network failure, whatever it is that you are monitoring, it is just as crucial to ensure these warnings are promptly alerted and escalated to the right personnel to take corrective action.

A cost-effective and reliable Incident Notification Platform such as sendQuick Cloud is the answer to any IT Infrastructure Uptime requirements.

Superior cloud integrations

To capitalize on this opportunity, sendQuick Cloud is developed as a systems availability notification management platform that runs natively on the cloud.

sendQuick Cloud integrates with public cloud services like Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, Google Cloud , Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, IBM Cloud (coming soon) to monitor the availability status and performance of all IP-addressable systems, applications, service network and infrastructure. Thus, it provides a visibility over your entire IT infrastructure health status.

Omni-channel Real-time Notification Alerts

With sendQuick Cloud, you can use one centralized platform to consolidate and precisely deliver alerts and notifications to mobile devices via SMS or other channels.

Easily scale your system to send alerts to other channels besides SMS such as Voice Calls, Emails, Line, Telegram, Messenger, Slack and Microsoft Teams. sendQuick Cloud also supports email to text (SMS) or smtp-to-text (SMS), allowing you to extend the alert notification solution to any application or system that can send emails. You can also integrate with any infrastructure monitoring tools, such as DCIM, SIEM, NMS, and ITSM.

With a simple configuration of filter rules, you can reduce ‘alert fatigue’ for employees, and ensure alerts are sent to the right personnel on duty through Roster Management

Case Study – Using sendQuick Cloud to meet SLA’s

The following is a case study on how a leading software and technology company in the global travel industry uses sendQuick Cloud to manage their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their clients.

The company needed to respond quickly to incidents on their client’s systems to ensure they satisfy the agreed service levels. However, the volume of such incidents is not very high. Therefore, they needed a more cost-effective cloud subscription solution that can meet their instant alerts requirements without any hardware investment.

They decided to use sendQuick Cloud because it can easily integrate to their system via the email-to-sms method. They also achieved significant cost-savings by switching to sendQuick Cloud.

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