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3 ways IT alerts benefits your IT teams

Enterprises have invested significant resources in putting together an infrastructure that helps them conduct their daily business efficiently. On experiencing unplanned IT systems downtime, risks associated with it need to be mitigated immediately to prevent it from developing into a crisis or full-blown disaster.

With the increasing importance of IT in various aspects of an organization whether it be for customer service, operations, marketing or finance, it is necessary for many organizations to maintain continuous network uptime to ensure business continuity.

However, managing IT issues isn’t just taking cues from the IT support ticket system and resolving them. Teams need to work smart by prioritising issues, and ensuring that critical ones do not get lost in the fray.

Helping your teams work smarter is just one way an IT alert solution can help your business. Here are 3 ways you can improve workflows for your IT teams with IT alert.

Filter critical messages

The IT support queue system works on a first come first serve basis, and does not filter out requests based on urgency. As the team gets through the day, if critical message comes through, it may not get dealt with until 2 hours later when the queue finally reaches its turn. By this time, more issues have surfaced and the team is scrambling to contain the issue.

Having a “bird’s eye view” into the affected IT environment is thus an important service to incorporate in any aspect of businesses. Whether they are related to customer service, operations, marketing, or finance, there is now a pressing need for companies to maintain continuous network uptime to ensure that they stay profitable and credible.

This can be done with an IT alert notification platform. Instead of responding to tech support ticket requests on a first come first serve basis, sendQuick will monitor applications consistently to flag out suspicious activity. Teams can better arrange time and manpower to deal with these issues, without ever missing notifications on them.

Allocate tasks better within the IT team

Internal IT team members are often the go-to people for IT issues of all kinds in the office – from forgotten passwords to setting up laptops, they have to deal with a whole spectrum of issues.

That also means that their inboxes are often filled with emails that are not differentiated by their level of urgency. During a normal work day, team members can deal with each incoming IT request on a rolling basis.

But during a crisis, the team will have to work out a better system to deal with the issue, while still ensuring the rest of the company runs smoothly.

sendQuick’s IT alert function helps to separate critical issues from non-critical ones. The system picks up critical issues from your network and sends a message to the team member instantly. Team members can then delegate someone to look into the issue immediately, and quickly deal with it before it snowballs into a larger problem.

Providing clarity on where issues occur post-crisis

How many times has a crisis came and went, without the team knowing exactly where the issues occurred?

sendQuick’s alert notification system notifies you of potential issues before they blow up, which gives the team better visibility on recurring and critical issues. Furthermore, this data helps the team to allocate tasks better by being more proactive rather than reactive. Moving forward an issue, the team can design a working system to maintain problematic areas within the network, all while fulfilling everyday work duties.

If you’d like to get more information on sendQuick’s IT alert system, simply head over to our solutions page or contact us to speak with a sendQuick expert.