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Why SendQuick’s solutions have more user-centric features and better usability than other brands

What makes our solutions different from your competitors?

This is a question we often hear from our customers.

Over the years of working with different customers from different industries, we have always made it a point to collect feedback from customers to identify ways to improve our solutions. One thing we have learned is that customers want a fuss-free system that just works!

And we totally get that. That’s why we’ve streamlined our solution packages, offering our customers some of the best packages available in the market.

So here are three ways sendQuick’s solutions have more user-centric and better usability than other brands!

All-in-one software package, cost effective pricing

Incorporating a new software into your company is a huge change, and it should not have to come with complicated packages and add-on features.

sendQuick’s solutions come with pre-installed software, and no additional operating system (OS) is required to run our solutions. Our software packages come with an all-in-one pricing, with no additional hidden costs to access the OS.

Our packages are cost effective, suitable for businesses of any size! You get to save between SGD100 – 150 when you choose sendQuick.

Customer first features: unlimited user license and server-based solution

We believe that our packages should add value in the form of added features and higher-level solutions. Regardless of the package you choose, you should not be restricted by the number of users or to have to pay for an additional server.

When you work with sendQuick, you can have an unlimited number of users on each license. Your team won’t have to share an account, and you can easily delegate workstreams to each member of the team.

Our server-based solution also comes together with the bundle – you don’t have to pay additional costs to access the server! This server supports the entire organisation, and helps you get off the ground running the moment you implement sendQuick’s solutions.

Simple maintenance process

Software maintenance is another key issue many customers are concerned with. And we totally understand that. You don’t want to adopt a solution, only to have to spend more manpower and resources maintaining it.

sendQuick’s solutions are designed to operate with minimal maintenance and simple troubleshooting as compared to our competitors. This not only means less hassle for your IT team but also reduced downtime and lower maintenance fees. In fact, you can save SGD500 a month on maintenance fees when you use sendQuick.

Our simple and elegant solutions are what makes sendQuick stand out from the crowd. We pass on the cost-saving features to you, so you know that your money goes directly into the quality and value of the software.

Reach out to one of our consultants to find out more about how sendQuick can help your business!