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How SendQuick IT Alert Notification helps you to always stay on top of critical issues

Imagine this. Your IT teams have to respond to support tickets from a queue system one by one. The queue system works on a first come first serve basis, and does not filter out requests based on urgency. As the team gets through the day, a critical message comes through, but is not dealt with until 2 hours later when the queue finally reaches its turn. By this time, more issues have surfaced and the team is scrambling to contain the issue.

Unplanned system downtime is the bane of any IT personnel. With the increasing importance of IT in various aspects of an organization whether it be for customer service, operations, marketing or finance, it is necessary for many organizations to maintain continuous network uptime to ensure business continuity.When a network failure occurs, is your response time fast enough to minimise operations downtime?

How sendQuick helps to filter out critical messages?

Enterprises, regardless of which sectors they operate in, have invested millions of dollars in putting together an infrastructure that helps them conduct their daily business efficiently. On experiencing unplanned IT systems downtime, risks associated with it need to be mitigated immediately to prevent it from developing into a crisis or full-blown disaster.

A “bird’s eye view” into the affected IT environment is thus an important service to incorporate in any aspect of businesses. Whether they are related to customer service, operations, marketing, or finance, there is now a pressing need for companies to maintain continuous network uptime to ensure that they stay profitable and credible.

This can be done with an IT alert notification platform.

“IT Alert” is a prominent feature in all sendQuick product models, each customised to suit your organisation’s needs. For IT Alerts and Notifications, we offer sendQuick Alert, sendQuick Alert Plus, and sendQuick Entera. Zero downtime can be achieved with high availability option, as available in our sendQuick Alert Plus and sendQuick Entera models.

The sendQuick IT alert notification management platform is an integral part of IT incident management. It works with any network management system and, if any part of the system performs suboptimally or experiences unplanned downtime, alerts the authorized users in a timely manner. It can send notifications and system alerts via SMS text, email to SMS, social messenger apps (such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber and Telegram) and team collaboration tools (including Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Slack).

Instead of responding to tech support ticket requests on a first come first serve basis, sendQuick will monitor applications consistently to flag out suspicious activity. Teams can better arrange time and manpower to deal with these issues, without ever missing notifications on them.

Business successes with sendQuick

Businesses have incorporated sendQuick as their IT Alert and Notification software of choice. Here are some case studies from our previous clients.

Prudential Asset Management
Rasa Sentosa Resort
Tenet Insurance

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