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Broadcast Messages Helps You Communicate Clearer and Quicker

Broadcasting messages is a headache these days. Most of us are on multiple messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram, and we communicate business matters over Email, MS Teams, Slack etc. So how do we ensure our broadcasted message reaches out to our target audience?

First things first, we must acknowledge that communication is getting more complicated these days. Since a few years ago, the digital landscape has already been saturated with numerous market players, and customers have been bombarded with advertisements and notifications through social media and email.

It’s harder to get noticed online these days, and even harder to find an audience that will willingly subject themselves to more notification fatigue.

The way brands communicate with their customers needs to change. Messages need to be ever more concise and memorable. And it seems like omnichannel communications is the way to do it.

But with different dominant chat apps in different countries, it poses challenges to business to manage multiple messenger apps on different platforms. So, how should a business which has global operations, communicate with different audiences in different markets?

Companies need a single platform to manage all these apps to reduce complexity and enhance the user experience.

We have built a unified platform for businesses to integrate with all messenger platforms using a single API. Companies can leverage sendQuick’s multi-channel messaging capability to send out messages via the relevant instant messenger app, Email and SMS (in case of network failure). This ensures a cohesive communication stream.

With the mult-channel messaging capability, you can guarantee that your messages will reach your customers. Especially with social restrictions changing frequently during these times, business information like opening hours, space limitations, closure of services, can be quickly communicated with customers.

Read and interact.

2-way messaging is a well-loved solution by many of our customers. It allows for an interactive conversation.

During this time where business operations have been severely impacted by safe distancing restrictions, we hope to support you with communications tools that enables you to reach your customers despite the distance.